I got my hair cut professionally for the first time in five years (for more on that experience click here)  and while I was extremely nervous I was really happy with out the results came out. Until it was time for me to go home and do it on my own. As I struggle to reverse my protein overload keeping my hair moisturized is a daily schedule. Even when using the LOC method if I don’t use the right products, or take the right steps continuously I will end up with a head full of dry hair by mid day. If you have dry hair then this post will be of great importance to you. Especially if you have a tapered cut like I do and those sides/back just seem to dry up instantly when you walk out the door. Here’s the necessary steps I’ve been taking to keep my tapered cut moisturized throughout the day.

3 Easy Steps To Keep Your Tapered Cut Moisturized

1. Moisturizing Pre-poo: I’m sticking to two specific pre-poo recipes during my revert back to moisture balanced hair. The first recipe requires avocado, honey, and olive oil. The second recipe is a bit different but has the same basis. steps to keep your tapered cut moisturized


1 ripe/over ripe bananasteps to keep your tapered cut moisturized

1 tablespoon of honey

2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 a cup of Aloe Vera Juice

You blend up that goodness (I add the oils and honey after I’ve already blended the aloe  vera juice and banana together) and simply apply it to your tresses. I applied the mix in sections just to help with the detangling process. Be weary that this pre-poo is extremely messy and sticky. If you are looking for a less messy route with the same moisturizing benefits I recommend the avocado route.

steps to keep your tapered cut moisturized

steps to keep your tapered cut moisturized 2. Steam & Heat: During my deep conditioning phase of the wash day I use a moisture based deep conditioner. This week I used TGIN Honey Miracle Mask with raw honey + olive oil as two key ingredients. Once I thoroughly saturated my hair with the deep conditioner I steamed for three minutes using my Q-Redew. The last step of the deep conditioning process is to put on my Thermal Hair Care Hot Deep Conditioning Cap. This little invention is genius. It has flax seeds inside that get warmed up (you put the cap in the microwave for 2 minutes) and you put it on like any regular old bonnet. Once I took that cap off my hair was so soft and smelled heavenly. I hit my hair with the  duel combo of steam & heat because I’m suffering from severe dryness/ protein overload that has caused my hair to be extremely damaged. Its taken parts of my hair and actually broken off/ turned into lifeless curl-less strands! If your case is not that bad you can go with either or a quick steam or heat cap will do the trick.

3. LOC & Seal: My final step after I’ve rinsed out my deep conditioner is obviously going to have to take place during the styling portion of my wash day and thats when it can get tricky. I am currently avoiding all styling products that have any form or types of protein in them so my styling package is very limited. This doesn’t mean that my styles are! I decided this time around to go with safe two strand twists. I’ve experimented before with bantu knots in my tapered cut stage as well and got some great results. But I really wanted to see if my twists were transforming and staying juicy/healthy twist outs when it was time to unravel. So I used my trusty LOC method with the following products:

L= TGIN Green Tea Leave In Conditioner

O= Jamaican Black Castor Oil (this is a heavy oil used to seal so I used it lightly because I’m out of  viable other oils at the moment)

C= Wonder Curl’s Butter Than Love Pudding

All three products are protein free and moisture based while including ingredients that I am going for lately including: Aloe Vera Juice! My twists came out exactly how I wanted them to look! And my results were just as great!

steps to keep your tapered cut moisturized steps to keep your tapered cut moisturized

My journey to moisturized hair! Hasn’t always been pretty but we’re making progress! Below, the first image to the left is what my hair looked like before Vincenzo cut off all of the dead/damaged hair. Then the middle picture is a few days after I left the salon and realized I had no idea what to do with my new shorter sides or how to properly moisturize them. The final picture on the right is about a week ago after starting up my new moisturizing regimen !  

steps to keep your tapered cut moisturized steps to keep your tapered cut moisturized steps to keep your tapered cut moisturized   If you are struggling with dry hair what are some steps or techniques you have used to improve on the situation? Share your thoughts and pictures with us below!





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2 Responses to 3 Easy Steps To Keep Your Tapered Cut Moisturized

  1. My hair is also tapered and the side-struggle is real! How did you style the sides in the last pic? Was it flat twisted and finger coiled? I have about 1.75 inches. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      The sides and back are so difficult. I’ve been finger coiling recently but that style above was achieved with really tiny perm rods!