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Easy Homemade Spritz Recipes for Natural Hair

I’m trying more and more to be make my natural hair journey more minimalistic. In doing so I’ve stopped buying new products because in all reality I have a ton of them in my bathroom. Besides already having quite a stash of products, I realized that my natural hair likes simplicity. I’ve been using the same products in my rotation for the last 9 weeks and most of the time it doesn’t involve a store bought product. Instead I’ve been DIY’n my pre-poo and deep conditioning methods. Now I’m moving into DIY’ng my leave in conditioner and hair spritz refresher.

In doing so different hair types, hair porosity, and environments require different ingredients in these hair spritz recipes.

4 Easy Homemade Spritz Recipes

1. Leave In Spritz:

This spritz only requires two ingredients and both I guarantee you already have in your home. This spritz I’ve been dabbling around with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle, or Aussie Moist conditioner. Both costing under five bucks, this recipe is a win win for both your hair and your wallets. I’m considering using the new Giovanni Avocado & Olive Oil conditioner that just came out. Also fits my price point as well! I use this 1-2xs a week to do a light refresh/ co wash for my hair midweek. It helps bring moisture back into my tresses without weighing it down with heavy oils and butters. The best way to add moisture to your hair, is to add the moist moisturizing ingredient on the planet: WATER!

a. Water
b. Your Favorite Conditioner

2. Essential Oil Spritz:

This spritz can vary from a 2 ingredient recipe to a 5-6 ingredient recipe depending on your preference. For this recipe you start off with your moisture basis: WATER (remember we covered this last paragraph) and add in the essential oils of your choice to best fit the needs of your hair. Again the second part of this recipe is completely up to you because no one knows what your hair needs better than you do.

a. Water
b. Your favorite essential oil(s)

3. Rosewater- Glycerin Spritz

This spritz I toyed around when I started learning more about Rosewater and its benefits. I initially used it as a final spritz on the face after I used my witch hazel toner. But then I started to read more about how beneficial it can overall in your daily regimen. So I started to dabble in it for my hair as well. For this recipe you’ll need… you guessed it… two ingredients! Hey… I’m keeping it simple/minimal for you! But if this process/recipe is too cumbersome, they do have it pre-made for purchase (go figure)!  Also… because Rosewater can be used for skin and hair, you have a double investment so you’re going to want to stock up! 

a. 4 Parts Rosewater
b. 1-2 parts Glycerin

4. All The Good Stuff Spritz

a. 3-4 parts Water
b. Olive Oil
c. Avocado Oil
d. Aloe Vera Juice
e. Glycerin

Last but certainly not least (you should be able to tell by the name of it), the “All The Good Stuff” spritz consists of a few more ingredients than the ones mentioned above but I promise you, it is worth it!  In this spritz I add a tiny bit of everything I love when my hair needs a bit more attention. You can also tweak this recipe however you want. I promise I wont tell!

Right now I’m preparing to add in a protective style. Protective styles done with synthetic hair can often lead to dry itchy scalp. So when I spritz this prior to a protective style I make sure that my scalp is massaged and the spritz covers all of the hair follicles on my head.

Which spritz recipe are you thinking of trying? Share with us your favorite DIY spritz recipes below! You can also follow our dedicated Pinterest board below for more tips, tricks and DIY.

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3 Responses to 4 Easy Homemade Spritz Recipes For Natural Hair

  1. I am a “soon to be”natural – big chop scheduled to occur in 3 weeks. I am also a planner and quickly became overwhelmed with information in my effort to research and be the perfect naturalista. I known know I wont be perfect and have to learn what my hair needs as it grows. I’ve taken a step back, found just a few trustworthy blogs/You Tube channels, and focused on simplistic but effective regimes. I find it hard to believe that I have to apply 8-10 different products to my hair every day in order for it to be healthy and manageable. I will try the first spritz of just water and conditioner.

    • Hey Terra, you really don’t need to apply 8-10 products every day for it to be healthy or manageable. I can tell you, the key is protective styling. I twist my own hair on a Sunday while I watch a movie and I leave it twisted for two weeks (with some retwisting to keep it tidy). I simply spritz before I go to sleep.

      Even when I wear my hair out a simple spritz and a leave-in conditioner are all I need. I’m a type 4B by the way.

  2. I’ve been natural for… almost 9 years now and this is my go to spritz:
    Olive Oil
    Tea tree oil (3-4 drops)

    I mix up the measurements depending on how I feel, but the tea tree oil remains a constant!