Sometimes when we get midway into our natural hair journey (or even in the beginning) it can get a little boring. Once we’ve mastered our wash day routine, our protective styling methods, and our bed time rituals we get stuck in a rut. The twist out has been my go to hair style since I was transitioning and that is because it is easy to pull off, and if it fails (which undoubtedly it will at some point) I can quickly fix it and turn it into something else.

But in doing the same hairstyle over and over again you get bored which causes frustration with your natural hair. To avoid that I started switching it up and fell in love with my hair a gain. Here are 5 alternatives natural hair styles other than a twist out that you can add to your routine to spice up  your hair every now and then!

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5 Alternative Natural Hair Styles Other  Than A Twist Out

1. Bantu Knot Out

2. Braid Out


3. Halo Braid

4. Roll Tuck Pin

5. Heatless Blowout

Alternative Natural Hair Styles Other Than A Twist Out


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