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I know I know you’re upset with us for talking about the Fall when it seems like the summer just got started. But we’re just looking out for you and helping you with the adjustment and transition into cooler/shorter days. There’s no fun like summer hair, but the Fall is a close second. You can have tons of fun with your hair without worrying too much about sweating it out, humidity or edges falling off! (AHHH)! The Fall gives you a sense of energy and opportunity to play around with color, height, depth and much more. So with that being said we share with you our 5 favorite natural hair styles to rock in the fall and slay effortlessly of course!

5 Natural Hair Styles To Rock In the Fall

1. Color: Yes we know we love light blondes, browns and auburn for the summer months, but color can be a big statement piece in the Fall months as well. What I love about Fall time colors, we not only start to get a little darker into the brown family, but we also get those fun purples, blues and reds too! The Fall season is the perfect time to try out a funky color (you can blame it on Halloween if it goes wrong). If you are still skeptical about dyeing your actual natural hair (which you have every right to be) you can go the safer route by using eye shadow to give you pops of color. You can also use natural hair extensions/ pieces to add in color without harming your natural hair.
2. Goddess Locs: The fall is all about care free natural looks. We focus more on earth tones, browns…etc. I can’t think of anything better to fit this theme/ time period then the new Goddess Locs trending protective style. These are effortlessly beautiful, and a great spin on the already popular Faux Locs. They do take a bit of work to install , as they are slightly different then faux locs. If you don’t have the time to learn or DIY them yourself there are plenty of natural hair stylists out there who are mastering this beautiful look. I love Zoe Kravitz and Lisa Bonet… they are my spirit animals so these Goddess Locs are going to be a must have for me this season!


3. Turbans/Scarfs: The Fall time is a perfect to put those tresses away under a bold beautiful turban or headscarf. Hair Wraps are big statement pieces that go with just about any classic fall outfit. Plus there are tons of different ways you can style them and wear them. (don’t believe me just type in hair turbans on Youtube and see for yourself)
 4. Roll Tuck Pin: This is a classic look that can be done in under five minutes (natural hair on the go is always a plus in my book). This hairstyle doesn’t require any braiding for those of you naturalistas that are cornrow challenged like I am. All you need is a few pins and a few minutes to get this killer look. Check out my quick easy tutorial below.

 5. Wigs: After my tapered hair cut back in September of last year I started playing around more with wigs. Of course I dabbled around with wigs before but when I really needed a quick fix from my taper I turned to wigs more often. I fell in love with how easy it was to change my look, protect my hair, and still have complete access to my hair when I got home and took off the wig. And with the progress that synthetic wigs have made, you no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars to switch up your look. (OF course the the human hair and more expensive wigs will last longer… but its all about budget!). Here is a quick review of one my absolute favorite wigs below! 

What are some of your favorite Fall hairstyle? Share your styles with us below!

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