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There is nothing more annoying than being out in public and having a constant itch. It gives you a frustrated feeling and personally I always feel that people are looking at me like I’m dirty. Dandruff and black outfits… forget about it… AWFUL! An itchy scalp can be caused by several different reasons and sometimes it can be more than one. That is why figuring out a solution isn’t always simple. However knowing a general basis of what could be causing the issue makes it easier to pinpoint and try different things that can help alleviate the itch. So here are the main/basic reasons your scalp is itchy and quick solutions.

5 Reasons Your Scalp Is Itchy & How To Solve It

1. Heavy Handed With Your Products: It’s one thing to be a product junkie (closet product junkie right here) but it is a whole other battle to be heavy handed with your products. Where does that leave you? With an itchy scalp and a revolving line of credit at Sally’s Beauty Supply store. Product build up is a major major major cause of itchy scalp. Why? Because you are suffocating your scalp, and in an effort to let you know that your scalp will become extremely itchy. If you are layering on your products too thick, you are going to be facing an itchy scalp for quite some time. So how do you solve it? Well the process is two fold really…

Quick Fix: Well you have to stop layering the products on so thick. First and foremost if you continue to do so  you will be facing more than an itchy scalp. Clogged pores on your scalp are absolutely no fun. To get rid of all of that product build up you are going to have to clarify your hair. Using apple cider vinegar, or sulfate free shampoos will help in the clarification process.


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2. Dandruff Is To Blame: Dandruff is one of the most common reasons why most people are facing issues with an itchy scalp. If you see flakes on your shoulder or on your scalp that is a really simple sign to point out that something just isn’t right. But all is not lost, and your scalp is not a hopeless cause.

Quick Fix: There are many shampoos and conditioners available in the market now that cater to people who are suffering with dandruff. You can go with the old pros like Head and Shoulders to tackle your dandruff but I find that I go with a gentler more effective option: Trader Joes Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This stuff is cost efficient and effective in helping sooth scalp issues. Tea tree oil is also great for battling dandruff so its a 2 for one deal for sure.

3. Allergies Are Playing A Mean Game On You: Like I said being a product junkie has its pros and its cons. One con is winding up using a product that is not so good for you even though you want to love it. Allergies can pop up in all shapes and sizes at any time, so if you notice that your scalp gets extra itchy after using particular products or completing a particular part of your hair care regimen, you could be facing an allergy. I think the solution to this problem is pretty clear…

Quick Fix:  Stop using the product. That is the easy part. Figuring out which product is causing the itchiness is the hard part. You are going to have to keep track whether on paper or digitally (I do everything with my phone) what you are using and when. This way you can pin point exactly what caused the reaction in the first place and stop using it immediately.

4. Scalp Conditions: Besides dandruff there are two other culprits when it comes to itchy scalp that are very common. Skin conditions psoriasis and eczema are very common and very annoying. They can cause tons of itching on the scalp and even leave you with patches of sections on your scalp that are inflamed, irritated and stop producing hair all together. SCARY I know! But there is only one way to help solve this issue…

Quick Fix: It isn’t really a quick fix but it is the best fix… head to your dermatologist. They are the only ones that can properly diagnose you and give you medication to help sooth the itchiness. This way you will have the issue under control and prevent it from getting worse.

5. Your DIY mix is unsafe: Now… I am a master DIY queen who loves to try various recipes using various ingredients to bring my hair back to life. But… with all pros there are definite cons to creating DIY mixtures for your hair. You could be creating something that is harmful to your hair/scalp. Using essential oils without a carrier oil, or an essential oil alone is one of the main causes of itchy scalp. A mixture like that is far too potent/strong to go on to your scalp in its pure form.


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Quick Fix: Dilute your DIY mixes properly. If not you will continue to cause irritation on your scalp which will have the itchiness at an all time high. Before you mix anything up you should always do your research on the ingredients and see how they interact together as well. Don’t sacrifice your health just to DIY.

Have you faced an itchy scalp episode? What did you do to help solve the issue? Share your solutions with us below.

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2 Responses to 5 Reasons Your Scalp Is Itchy & How To Solve It

  1. Hi, I’ve been dealing with an itchy scalp for YEARS due to dandruff and I’ve been trying different products to treat it. Two useful staples are T444Z Hair Food (must order online) and Selsun Blue Shampoo (from local drug store). I’ve been using them together for some time now and the flaking and itching has reduced greatly.

    I was thinking also that the dandruff could be due to an overpopulation of a fungus. Selsun Blue says the fungus is Malassezia (, but I’m wondering if it could be yeast. My mission lately has been to start loving and caring for myself more, so I will be doing a Candida (Yeast) Cleanse and see if that will reduce or even eliminate my dandruff. I’ll return with a review.

  2. Please let us know the outcome! I am having the same issues and I need a solution before I head to the dermatologist and pay a lot of money for something I can use OTC medication for.