As stated before there are several pros and cons to c-washing your natural hair. Once you’ve decided to actually add co-washing into your natural hair routine there are steps you are going to want to follow/remember in order to make it effective and beneficial to a healthy hair journey. After picking the conditioner that is going to work for your hair there are a few key simple steps you want to take and remember when co washing your hair.

*Remember the conditioner that you choose to co-wash with should have ingredients that are going to benefit your hair not harm it. Try to steer clear of conditioners that have silicones in them which will make it difficult to wash out of your hair because they are not water soluble. So what does that mean for you: resiude and build up! Yuck. Which would defeat the purpose in co-washing your hair in the first place.

1. Wet your hair: First wet your strands before applying your conditioner with warm water. You will want to rinse your hair for about 2 minutes to make sure it is saturated before applying the conditioner

2. Conditioner: The application process is different for different people depending on where their co-washing routine takes place. Your best bet in conditioner application is to apply the conditioner in your hair in small sections. This will also help to detangle the hair in the next few steps. Applying in sections also helps to make sure each strand has been saturated with the conditioner.

3. Detangle: After you have thoroughly applied the conditioner from root to tip throughout all of your strands you are going to want to start your detangling process. Finger detangling is your best best especially because your hair is in a wet/saturated state and introducing combs would be more damaging than beneficial.

4. Rinse & Repeat (optional) The repeat part is optional but when co-washing I rinse out and re-apply the conditioner to my hair. This also helps during my detangling process (offers a second wind/chance to get all of the tangles out) That is just a quick step I do personally but may not be necessary for your regimen. You can leave the conditioner on your head for 4-5 minutes as the steam from the shower helps the conditioner absorb into your hair.

5. Final Rinse & Dry: After you have rinsed out all of the conditioner you are going to want to dry your hair to dampened state before moving on to styling. (NEVER style hair when it is in a soaking wet state). You may want to use an old tee shirt to dry your hair to prevent towel fibers from getting stuck in your hair or drying out the hair you just spent time moisturizing and co- washing.

That’s it! 5 simple steps to properly co-wash your hair. In following these steps co-washing shouldn’t take you very long depending on the length of your hair. Your hair should feel moisturized, revived, and a whole lot softer. It is still crucial/important to clarify your hair at least once a month with your clarification of choice whether it be shampoo, ACV or bentonite clay rinses.