Hey ladies we’ve decided to push our hair growth and retention to the limits for the next 6 months and we want to take you along the ride with us. We want you to follow along and jump aboard if you so wish (why not there’s nothing to lose). Follow us along this healthy hair journey in which we share our strides, struggles, gains, and losses (hopefully not too many losses). Our goal by September is to have gained and retained 6 inches of healthy hair. Because that is what it is all about: healthy hair growth! Not just length!! So each week we will be bringing you some healthy hair growing and retaining tips, myths, dos and donts. Thats right that means this challenge is going to bring you 24 different things, experiences, tips, and methods to grow out your hair in a healthy manner!

So whats in store for week 1??!? Well a few weeks back I found out about the inversion method that is allegedly supposed to grow an inch of hair on your head in one week: 7 days!!! So when I removed my protective style I gave it a try and low and behold I did have about an inch of hair around my head. Unfortunately I also needed a decent trim really badly and had to choose health over length. I was/ am also experiencing more shedding than I am used to, and a slight bit of breakage at the rear left side of my nape. After I freaked out about it for a few days I went into hair care ICU and started giving my hair some extra TLC especially on wash days. For now I’ve seem to got the issue under control but will keep you updated as this challenge proceeds.

A month later I’ve decided to give the inversion method another go around since it did have some effects the last time. I will be starting the inversion method for the second time this week (today actually). I’ve documented my hair lengths prior to the beginning of the method and will report back to you next week with a new tip and if I’ve had any results from my second attempt. If you’d like to give it a try and want to know how to do the inversion method properly just hit this link right here and it’ll take you to a previous post with detailed instructions on how to safely do the method yourself.

Here is where I am at length wise right now (just prior to my second inversion method attempt) Don’t forget to document your current length and let us know if you’ve seen any results once you’ve finished with week one of this challenge!!

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3 Responses to 6 Inches In 6 Months Hair Growth Challenge Week #1 Inversion Method

  1. hi,
    do you mean that you shed more hair
    when you do inverse method?
    because my hair fall out more than usual when i dud it
    thats why i sont know if i have to stop ir continue with it

    • Hi hun,

      There is a possibility of increased shedding when you do the inverse method. Everyone’s hair is different so there is a chance that also may not occur if you decide to do it. If you noticed more hair fell out then I would suggest not doing it again.