Okay so we are about a month into the 6 month hair challenge to healthier longer hair. So far we’ve added the inversion method (week #1) and 10 minute daily scalp massages (week #3). Now we’re moving on to week #4 and we’re going to be tackling the idea of the Pre Poo.

I know I know the natural hair community dictionary keeps growing by the minute especially if you are a new natural or transiting. So I’ll define this quick and easy for you. Pre poo is a treatment you apply before you shampoo and condition your hair (Pre- Shampoo). You don’t need many ingredients to pre-poo and it is a very simple task. You can use any oil or conditioner you have or you can even combine them to make what I like to call a “super pre poo”. So why should you add this extra step to your already long strenuous wash day? Well there are some benefits to pre-pooing that can help make your hair stronger and promote growth healthy hair growth which is what this is all about right ladies?

Pre-Poo Benefits
*Biggest benefit obviously: to prevent your shampoo from stripping your hair of natural oils
*Helps in the detangling process
*Nourishes scalp and roots ( a healthy scalp is key to hair growth)
*Protects fragile ends of hair (length retention is increased with the pre-poo added protection)
*Keeps moisture locked into hair while washing (whether you are using a shampoo or a conditioner)

How To Properly Pre-Poo
*With all processes in your wash day routine you should start by sectioning your hair into four even sections.
* Run the oil/ or conditioner of your choice (I prefer an oil based pre-poo. check out my recipe below)through the section evenly with your fingers. You will be covering your strands in the pre-poo while also detangling your hair. (2 for 1 deal)
* You can either twist that section into multiple twists or like I do just turn it into one giant twist/bantu knot and move onto the next section.
*Place a shower cap on your head for 30 minutes.
*Proceed to wash/condition your hair as usual.

Pre-poo Recipes to try out:
1. My personal/favorite pre-poo recipe that I use every week on my wash day goes as follows:
*One hask avocado
*One Tablespoon of Honey
*One Tablespoon of EVOO
*One Tablespoon of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Trade Joes Brand)
(you can also add one tablespoon of mayo to this mix if your hair feels like it needs a boost of protein)
I mix all of these ingredients into a mask/paste texture and proceed to place it on my tresses. I usually leave this on for 20-30 minutes and proceed into my co-washing process. I have slept in the pre-poo before in my transitioning days so that is also an option. Just be careful not to get the avocado on your pillow cases (it always happened to me no matter how I tied my head at night)

2. Protein Pre-Poo
*One Egg (egg whites only)/ or you can substitute for Two Tablespoons of Mayo
*One Tablespoon Of EVOO
*One Tablespoon of Honey
*Add your favorite conditioner

3. Moisture Rich Pre-Poo
*One Tablespoon of EVOO
*One Tablespoon of Honey
*Two tablespoons of Raw Shea Butter
*One Tablespoon of Mango Butter (you can find this at beauty supply stores or order online)
(you will need to melt these hard butters. Easiest way is to use your microwave)

4. Another Protein Pre-Poo (a bit stronger)
*Two Tablespoons of Greek Yogurt
*One Tablespoon of Honey
*One Medium to large Banana

If you choose to just KISS you can simply pre-poo with one of your favorite oils and that will ask do the trick. When I first started pre-pooing I only used EVOO and it was effective. Get to pre-pooing ladies and feel free to share any pre-poo recipes you have tried!

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8 Responses to 6 Inches In 6 Months Hair Growth Challenge Week #4 Pre Poo

  1. Do I do this every night, once a week, or how often?

    3 years after ending chemo, I still have only about 1/2 inch of growth so I really need to try this the correct way.

    Many thanks

  2. Lots of love too my spoonies 💝. I plan to use a co-wash as a pre-poo and a natural based shampoo. Low-Norm prosity/med. Density/ Heavy textured hair/fine to med. strands.