If you are just starting out on your natural hair journey, or even if you are in the middle of it you have seen the products that have been coming out, or that have been on the market for a while. While we are in the “save money at any cost” frame of mind we wanted to discuss some natural hair products that are on the market for just a bit too much than we are willing to pay for. Especially when there are plenty of other products with similar if not better ingredients out there getting the same job done.

Natural Hair Products That May Break The Bank

GroupShotHR1. Kinky Kurly Curling Custard Since the moment I decided to go natural three years ago I have been hearing about Kinky Kurly non stop. And every single time I would walk up to the Curly Custard in my local beauty shop I would reach my hand out, and pull it back in with a deep sigh. Priced at 17.00 dollars for the 8oz size on their website (usually a bit more at the beauty supply store) I just can’t bring my self to make that purchase. Especially when it is a similar consistency, and similar ingredients to Shea Moisture’s Curl Souffle. I haven’t much luck with the Curl Souffle so I cut my losses on spending way more on the Curling Custard with the possibility that I may not like it. The rest of their line is a bit more affordable if you are looking to find a leave in, cleanser, or deep conditioner. I often considered using my Ulta points to make the purchase (no Sally’s conveniently close to my location) only to find out that Ulta doesn’t carry Kinky Curly by me :-/

email_pop_bottles2. Ouidad– It’s not too difficult to understand why Ouidad may be a bit over priced in my opinion. This line is difficult to find in your regular old local beauty supply store. You usually have to head to either an Ulta, Sally’s, Ouidad’s website, or their hair salon to buy the products. I’ve never spotted Ouidad on sale which leads me to believe it is the Louis Vuitton of hair products! At about 23.00 for an 8.5 oz bottle of gel, I have to count myself out of adding their products to my natural hair regimen. Even crazier the 32 oz container will cost your pockets a whopping 60+ dollars. However I wouldn’t be opposed to receiving it as a gift from a generous curl friend, because I’ve heard several good things!

devacurl-curly-haircuts3. Deva Curl– Following along with another line that also has their very own hair salon. Devachaun salons offers naturals the famous Deva Cut. To go along with that great shape and volume from your new fab haircut, they have their DevaCurl line that will cost your pockets about 20.00 dollars for a 12oz bottle of “No Poo” cleanser. Deva Curl products are all curly girl friendly. If you are unsure what the Curly Girl method is we discuss it further here! Many curly girls swear by this method and this hair line to get them through their natural hair journey , but if you are looking to invest be aware that just about every product in this line runs over 20 dollars.

Wen-by-Chaz-Dean-Summer-Mango-Coconut-Cleansing-Conditioner4. Wen– I wanted to love Wen so badly that I actually took the dive and made a purchase. I bought a 160z limited edition “Summer Mango Coconut” Wen last year from Amazon for 35.00 dollars. The smell was heavenly and the consistency had great slip. I used the co-wash as apart of my regimen for about two months which for me is 8 wash days. That may sound awesome… because initially I thought it was great too. But the reality was I was getting the same results using As I Am’s Coconut Co Wash and Tresemme Naturals for way less money. As I Am even offered a similar fragrance to the Wen conditioner. Because I wasn’t super blown away I chose to get the cheaper product that created the same results and save myself a few bucks.

Miss Jessies5. Miss Jessies– Along side the Kinky curly experience in the beauty supply store, I often think about grabbing a jar of Miss Jessie’s something. Anything really! Miss Jessie’s is definitely one of the lines that are pushed heavily when you are starting your natural hair journey. You see/hear about it every where and you just get that itch to give it a try. That itch was not scratched! At 22.00 for an 8.5 oz of Pillow Soft curls, I take a dramatic pause and reach for a more affordable product with great promise and ingredients. On the other hand Miss. Jessie has pretty fair priced “liquid” products. Their shampoos, and conditioners aren’t necessarily super expensive compared to let’s say an Ouidad or DevaCurl, but their popular stylers do tip the scale in the price range. Especially when bought from a third party provider like a beauty supply store.

Mixed-chicks-hair-proudcts6. Mixed Chicks: This line was created to cater to mixed-multicultural hair. I’ve heard many warm and cool reviews on this line so I’m a bit weary of spending 50.00 dollars for 33 oz of a leave in conditioner that doesn’t boast of any superb ingredients that would drive the price up so high. You can always opt for the smaller amount 17.00 dollars for 10oz but I would much rather a leave in with higher quality ingredients. At least that way I’d be able to justify in my mind spending that amount of money on a hair product (*coughs especially with Sallie Mae pounding on my door every month coughs*)

At the end of the day I think its important to remember to live within your means and spend what you feel comfortable spending on hair products. We spend money on what we feel is important and for some people spending 20 bucks on a certain amount of a hair product is okay/within their budget. For others it isn’t. Just remember that going natural is all about your choices and you shouldn’t feel intimidated into having to spend way more than you actually have to. Look into your options and always enjoy your personal journey!

What products do you think you’ve spent way too much money on in your natural hair journey?


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2 Responses to NaturalHair Products That May Break The Bank

  1. great article…I wont say that some aren’t worth the splurge but like my man Kevin says “stay in your financial lane”. There are lots of affordable products out there which are comparable or better. So don’t feel bad if you cant afford the “splurge” – instead focus on keeping hair hydrated, water is (almost) free;-)