As always we as naturalistas always want to switch it up with low/minimum/ close to 0 possibility of permanently damaging our hair and forcing us back into the “transition” phase of our journey. Even if you are currently transitioning you still want to experiment with different looks without harming your hair in the process. Below are 6 different ways you can stretch and or straighten your hair with out using heat. roller-sets1. Roller set: A roller set should take you back to your relaxed days in the Dominican hair salons getting a wash, set, and wrap! That was my normal go to then and has become a styling option I’ve been playing around with lately when I want to have much bigger/looser curls that I can ultimately brush straight if I feel like. A roller set can leave you with various different looks depending on the size/ and amount of rollers you use. Below is a technique/tutorial on how to achieve a great sleek look using rollers to set your hair. ea70301a8fe35d1eb2194142d5b726a12. Flexi rod set: I find that I get similar look using flexi rods that I would get using rollers as well. Flexi rods are good to add that spiraling affect, but can be a bit of a headache to sleep with (trust me I know first hand) This is a great start to styling if you want to go for a nice big faux hawk or pineapple. Below is a detailed video of Itsme.Shak showing how she achieves her finished look. Naptural85_042412_023. Curlformers- Although a bit pricy, Curlformers can be a transitioning life saver, as it is super easy to install, remove, and style once they have been taken out. This style also provides a looser, larger curl as compared to a wash and go or a twist out. They are more fragile curls however and have a tendency to wind up being straight which is why they are so helpful to stretch/straighten your hair. You can even wrap your hair once you’ve removed the curlformers and get a wavy beach look. IF you can’t afford curlformers there are also dupes out there by Magic Leverag. We are currently having a giveaway in which you could enter to win two packs of these (over 80). Don’t forget to enter here! 4. Banding– Unlike the three options I’ve provided above I’ve never tried banding before. It kind of terrifies me because it seems like it is so tight and may cause breakage. However there are steps to doing it correctly, because many naturals live off of this stretching method. This method can be used to stretch out your twist out o get a better estimate of length. It is most frequently used however to get a blown out look without using an actual blow dryer. 5. African Threading– Similar to the banding method this time using thread. I haven’t tried this method to be honest because, this process is way way way too time consuming for me. But for those who are really looking for a method of straightening their hair or coming really close to fully straight hair this would be the route you would want to take. This method gives a full blown look of blow dried hair without the use of a blow dryer as well. image-345449-full6. CWK Staight Plate– This method is still is still kind of in the developmental stages as the CWK Straight plate hasn’t fully been made available to the masses as of yet. However when it first hit the natural hair community scene a few months ago naturals everywhere were very interested. So much so that the project was fully funded and we are awaiting release for purchase. Below is the video of the CWK plates explained and demonstrated by the owner. Production is currently a bit behind but the community is still patiently waiting to get their hands on these plates.

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