7 Habits For Growing Healthy Natural Hair

When we go natural we often times envision that our hair is going to be a huge glorious crown like the naturalistas we fawn over on Youtube. Unfortunately that is not always the case because of the several mistakes we make along our journey (myself included). But there are several ways for you to practice healthy habits for growing healthy natural hair that will get you to your hair goal in no time. (well… in a bit of time… but with fewer set backs)

LOC Method: I’ve spoken many times about the wonders of the LOC Method, and if you aren’t using it in your hair care regimen you’re bugging! The LOC Method will help with sealing moisture into your hair and that is key. Moisture is important in maintaining healthy hair growth and retention. So if you’re not loc’n you better start!

Work Out: Especially now since it is summer time, you are going to want to get into a healthy habit of working out. The more active you are the better it will be for your hair and your health. Working out 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes or more will have you seeing changes in your hair and your body that you will certainly like. The exercise doesn’t have too be too strenuous and you can definitely start off slow.

Scalp Massages: If you haven’t sat down and massaged your scalp, you don’t know what you’re missing. Not only is it relaxing it also helps to stimulate growth from your follicles. Massaging your scalp with a carrier oil or mix of essential and carrier oils for 4-6 minutes three to four times a week can help your scalp stay stimulated and produce healthy hair.

{Benefits Of Scalp Massages}

Hot Oil Treatments: Hot oil treatments should be your best friend. If you are suffering with dry natural hair, hot oil treatments help to add/increase moisture into your strands. They also help to strengthen, nourish your hair while preventing split ends which are the enemy of retaining length.

{Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatments}

Eat Clean: You are what you eat! Your skin and hair react to what you put into your body. As with everything if you want to reap the benefits you have to put in the work. Eating tons of fruits and veggies (the darker/leafier the better) will help your hair grow in stronger. Ease up on the sugars and salty foods to see a major change in your growth and in your skin!

Deep Condition: Deep conditioning is beneficial with adding moisture to the hair as well. One of the main enemies of growth is dryness. By deep conditioning weekly you are giving your hair life. Deep conditioning adds layers of strength to your hair and fills in the gaps to weak spots (doesn’t fix the problems forever but helps solve them for the moment). Choose the right deep conditioner for your hair and pay attention to how your hair responds.

{Benefits of Deep Conditioning}

Trim As Needed: Everyone has different opinions on when and how you should trim your natural hair. The best answer I’ve always given is, to trim your hair as needed. And not when you feel like it but really as needed. There should not be a set schedule especially if your hair is reacting differently to different environments, lifestyle choices, and products. See your hair stylist whenever you think your hair needs an expert’s POV.

What are some habits you’ve started using in your natural hair regimen to make sure your hair is at its healthiest? Share your answers with us below.