Natural hair breakage can be one of the most frustrating parts of our hair journey if not tackled and stopped immediately. Here are 8 easy ways/steps to avoid and prevent hair breakage before it begins or gets worse!

8 Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Breakage

1. Lower/decrease/minimize use of heat: This is a biggie that lands us in worlds of damage, frustration , and sadness because there is no coming back from heat damage. If you use heat daily, or even weekly you are putting your self at risk for breakage no matter how much heat protectant you use. Heat isn’t the enemy, but an abuse of heated styling tools can be. Try decreasing the amount of heat you use in your hair regimen to decrease the risk/possibility of hair breakage.

2. Stop Styling When Wet: Your hair is at its weakest point when it is soaking wet and is more susceptible to damage/breakage.  Dry your hair with an old tee shirt so that your hair is damp, but not soaking wet. This is the time to style your hair with a lower risk of breakage.

3. Ease Up On Tension: We all love a nice up do, or have run out of time and can only manage to do a quick bun, pony tail, or puff. These styles can cause loads of tension on the hair by consistently pulling the hair back or up. Your nape and edges are fragile and will thin/break if consistently pulled back tightly. Same goes for tight braids, twists, or weaves that are installed. Too much tension can counter act the protective styling that you were going for.

4. Trim When Needed: Holding on to damaged ends is detrimental to the health of the rest of your hair. There is not set schedule I can give you, but I recommend paying attention to your hair and ends. When they look like it’s just about time for them to go… then it is! Don’t hold on to your ends in hopes of reaching a specific length… the ends will continue to split up the shaft of the hair and cause you to lose more than you gain. Trim as necessary!

5. Eat healthier: You knew this one was coming! The health of your hair directly relates to your own internal health. We discussed the top 9 foods that should be added into your diet for healthy hair growth a few months ago, but this is a friendly reminder! Your hair is an external representation of your internal health. If you are eating crap your hair is going to look and feel like crap!!!

6. Properly prepare for bed: Sometimes you get tired and forget to put a head tie on or your bonnet, and you will pay for that if that is a consistent occurrence. Either buy satin/silk pillow cases or take the extra few minutes to make sure your hair is protected at night to prevent breakage. You also need to remember not to tie your headtie/headwrap on too tight because that can also cause major damage in the nape/edge are of your head.

7. Low manipulation styles: Low manipulation styles are your best bet to preventing hair breakage. Too much styling will cause tension and make your hair weaker. In its weakened state it will not flourish and will proceed to break off. Consider styles that you can rock for a few days (day two and day three hair are amazing!) instead of having to style your hair every day. And remember protective styles can be low manipulation but they are not the only low manipulation style out there!

8. Deep Condition: This may be the longest/annoying part of the hair regimen on wash day but it is an absolute necessary evil! Deep conditioning once a week helps with moisture retention and elasticity. Two very important parts/signs of healthy hair!  You can go the DIY route or purchase a moisture rich deep conditioner that you leave on your hair for 15-20 minutes!

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