affordable natural hair products

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If you’ve walked down any aisle at Sephora lately you will have noticed that beauty surely isn’t cheap. But looking bomb doesn’t have to always cost an arm and a leg plus your first born. Take it from me… my student loans do not allow for balling without being on a budget. That includes everything from shoes, clothes, makeup, and hair care.


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Being natural may look effortless on the gram, when you get that perfectly snapped selfie. However… if you’ve been natural for more than lets say… five minutes… you know that it does take some effort here and there. Many naturalistas think if they skimp on cost that their hair will fall out or their style won’t come out the same. Tuh… FALSE! And here are the affordable natural hair products from reputable brands to prove it!

PS: All of these products are under 10 bucks! Your wallet says thank you!

Affordable Natural Hair Products For The Broke Millennial

affordable natural hair products

1. Shea Moisture: Shea Moisture was one of my first product lines that I used/tried when I went natural five years ago (WOW… I really can’t believe it has been five years.) And that is with good reason! Not only is it readily available in pretty much every every beauty supply store, and local drug store, it is also within my budget. If you catch Shea Moisture on sale at your local Walgreens or Target, you are really in for fiscally responsible good time. Most products are ten dollars and under. If there is a product that doesn’t fall into the ten dollar category, you can also often times get the travel sample size to try it out first.

affordable natural hair products

2. Cantu: Besides Shea Moisture, Cantu has reigned supreme in my natural hair care regimen when I first started. Not only are most of their products under ten dollars, you can get a good chunk of their original line for under 5.00 bucks from your local beauty supply, Amazon or local drug store. I for one found Cantu to be a godsend when looking for affordable effective products.

3. True By Made BeautifulMade Beautiful is one of those lines that I really love for their high quality ingredients and low cost. The price point is appealing, and they have a variety of products that you can incorporate into your natural hair care regimen. From a co wash, to a deep conditioner, and leave in conditioner you will have an entire lineup at your disposal without breaking your budget.

4. Eco Styler: Eco Styler has always been BAE, and when I found out that they had more than just edge control and styling gel, I was pleasantly pleased. Their latest line (Black Castor Oil  & Flaxseed Oil) is my absolute fave. I have the styling gel, deep conditioner, and leave in conditioner. All of which cost under ten bucks. A small styling gel will set you back about 2 dollars plus tax. You read that right… TWO DOLLARS! A larger container is usually around 4-6 dollars depending where you purchase it. Whatever your choice ingredient may be, Eco Styler has got you covered.

5. As I AmI’ve always had a love affair with As I Am before I started dealing with a coconut /protein sensitivity. As I Am products are super moisturizing and to top it off they are extremely affordable (hence why they’re on this list duh!). My fave product was the Coconut Cowash, but the curling jelly is a close second place. As I Am can be found at Walgreens and most local beauty supply stores.

6. Eden Body Works: Eden Body Works is another brand that focuses on great ingredients with a decent price point that can’t be ignored. I’m definitely a fan of their Coconut Shea line (before I tried to avoid coconut oil), but their Jojoba Monoi line is an absolute staple in my absolute favorite.

affordable natural hair products

7. Oyin Handmade: So… Oyin Handmade products are a little bit over our price point of 10 dollars BUT… here’s why I added it to my list. For about 13-14 bucks you get a decent sized product, and you also get a product with fresh ingredients. For many (including myself) I like to focus on products that have very few ingredients and, ingredients that I can pronounce. When you head into those categories, that usually starts to cause the price of the product to double to the 20 and 30 dollar range.

What are some of your favorite natural hair lines that are affordable and easy on the wallet? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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  1. I’m using pure d’or hair products because i don’t want to use chemical hair products, I use aloe vera from the health food store, the gel doesn’t hold as well as flax seed gel, but the clear Lilly of the valley aloe doesn’t leave my hair brassy!!!are there any true hair products for us kinky hair girls that don’t cost a lot that are truly chemical free, especially for styling??? I will look for the ingridence on the yin products! Thanks for responding!!!!