lisa_bonet_grey_hairWhen you think about the natural hair community many things can come to mind from: huge afros to two strand twists, box braids, curls, kinks, and waves. But all too often we forget about a key player in the natural hair community: Locs! Now I can’t say that we just leave them out or forget about them all of the time, but very often they are brought up or mentioned as an after thought. Think about all of the natural hair love all over social media. There are countless pages dedicated to showing love to natural hair beauties of all shapes, sizes, and textures. I’ve seen pages dedicated to showing the beauty of protective styling, possible bridal hair styles, women with 4c hair texture, women with natural hair & the men that love them…etc.  Out of all this love being spread around I can count on one hand how many natural hair pages are dedicated to showing love to women with locs. Personally I am only aware of one Instagram page that shows constant love to loc’d beauties. The other pages that show women non stop love barely if ever feature women who have locs. (ourselves included unfortunately)

Ciara-Locs-01Now it could just be that there are less women with loc’d hair available to feature because the ratio of loc’d women is very slim compared to the women with TWAs, afros, and kinks, curls & waves on full blast!  We make a valiant effort to feature women with locs at least once a week on our Instagram, but I must admit it is really easy to forget. It doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, it just means they are a little harder to find. When we search through the #TrialsNTresses hashtag at 94k photos, and the #naturalhair hashtag at over 4 million photos finding a woman with locs doesn’t occur very often. Even when we go over to the #locs hashtag at about 650k photos we get more photos of Bob Marley, Lauren Hill, Lisa Bonet and hair stylist/ locticians than actual women showing off their own locs.  And even when we find amazing beauties to post with their nature loc’d hair we find that our audience is less responsive to these women, for reasons we are truly unsure of.

Erykah_Badu_umvd007So what’s the issue? Why are locs still an overall after thought in the natural hair community? With the hundreds of natural hair events, and hair products that have hit the scene in the past 5 years of the natural hair boom, we still have yet to see quite as much growth, understanding, knowledge and acceptance when it comes to locs. Not many products are out there that cater to the maintenance of locs. This could be because locs do not require as much product maintenance as unloc’d hair would require. There are also very few if any events that focus directly on uniting women with locs (though I have seen some amazing loc’d women at natural hair events) My loc’d friend who has been in the process of growing her locs for approximately 3 years stated that there is a stigma that comes along with locs sometimes. And we know all too well that although the natural hair community can be very welcoming and educational, it can also be cruel and unkind at times. We’ve noticed that many people, even naturals will go along with the ideals that locs are “dirty” or “unkempt” or even “unprofessional” for the workplace and other areas. A recent article in the summer stated that Ciara would be removing her faux loc’d protective style before her wedding because she was going for a more elegant look. Implying that locs could not be styled in an elegant fashion. Therefore while some natural hair styles are making there way into the door to being accepted by society, locs are still on the outskirts of that acceptance.

16825888aa6bb5f6a70d307e0523365eLocs are picking up popularity in the natural hair community with the help of pioneering social media gurus such as Chescaleigh showing the beauty and versatility that come along with having locs. Loc Extensions or faux locs are also becoming a very popular protective style that is allowing women who are interested in the look but not the full commitment to see how they would look/ style their hair if they had locs. I personally love locs and will be dabbling into the faux loc world myself to get a look and feel of the hair style that I may consider one day making a permanent reality. To show our gratitude for the beauty that is locs we will be celebrating them all month long on Trials N’ Tresses. So what does that mean? More features, more information, and more knowledge to help anyone who doesn’t know about locs, is thinking about growing locs, or is currently transitioning. If you or anyone you know would like your Loc Story to be featured on TrialsNTresses shoot us an email at

lauryn-hill-freeform-dreadlocksHave TNT Loc Celebration Month!!!