In the natural hair community it can be some times difficult (and I must admit frustrating) trying to keep up with the latest trends on the rise. I love love love options (the more options the better right?) but it can be overwhelming with all of the new products/latest fads promising similar things. So when I ran into Babassu Oil in the Mielle Organics line I was curious what made this oil different from other essential oils or carrier oils? When I dug a little deeper… I was not only pleasantly surprised but I found out that it may not even be too much different than the holy grail of oils itself: Coconut Oil.

Babassu Oil

What Is Babassu Oil? Babassu oil is an oil that is extracted from the kernel of the palm tree family (just like coconut oil is) and has very similar components to coconut oil as well. The fatty acids present in coconut oil that do our hair/body oh so right can also be found in Babassu Oil. This clear/ light yellow vegetable oil comes directly from the Brazilian Babassu plant and is made up of 70 percent lipids.  Babassu oil, like coconut oil, is used in many beauty products, skin care products, and for cooking as well due to its moisturizing properties. (I was shocked by the amount of my all time faves that had Babassu Oil in them. Check your labels you’ll be surprised too) This oil works wonders on dry skin and hair because it also contains restorative properties.

How Does It Compare/Relate To Coconut Oil: Both oils are great moisturizers for both the hair and skin and can be used directly on the body to help deal with issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin…etc. Both oils are also great options for sealing your ends to loc in moisture, as a pre-poo treatment, or just as a boost for your deep conditioner.

Where these two oils differ is Babassu Oil is much lighter than coconut oil and has less of a “greasy/heavy” feeling when applied. Babassu offers more of a cool/tingly sensation as compared to coconut oil. The heaviness/thickness of coconout oil can some times be too much for certain hair types/textures and can weigh the hair down. With Babassu Oil that is unlikely to happen. Babassu is also a bit gentler and doesn’t clog the pores, leading to less breakouts compared to if you used coconut oil.

Babassu Oil is also fairly inexpensive but can be rather difficult to find. I like that I can pretty much find good quality coconut oil just about everywhere (Trader Joes is my favorite). If you do some research online you can find Babassu for a fairly good price (sometimes lower than coconut oil) but you may have to pay for the shipping depending on the deal. Amazon has a 16 oz amount of Babassu Oil for a pretty good price.

What I’m loving is the fact that brands are starting to add Babassu Oil to their products as the main substantial ingredient (check the ingredients ladies if it is not listed in the first 5 ingredients… it is not a real substantial amount)! With the addition of Babassu Oil I can still use coconut oil in my regimen and get twice the good stuff!

If you are looking for a great blend of Babassu Oil mixed into organic products for your hair care regimen Mielle Organics has a great Babassu Oil Deep Conditioner and Sulfate Free Shampoo with Babassu Oil as their main ingredient. I haven’t had a chance to try the shampoo yet (I am not a major shampooer at all… so I may not) but the Deep Conditioner is to die for! (the smell is amazing and it has some other great ingredients I could totally get behind for my extremely simple hair care regimen) You can get your hands on these products at a discount also by using coupon code: TRESSES at checkout!

Have you used Babassu Oil in your hair care regimen before? If so what were the results? Were you more impressed with them then coconut oil? Share your thoughts below!

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2 Responses to Is Babassu Oil Better Than Coconut Oil?

  1. I used the Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner it was beyond Amazing! I have tried every conditioner out there. This is leaves my hair extremely soft and silky like nothing that I have ever used!

    • I love the Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner as well. I use it once every 4-6 weeks because of protein overload issue from time to time but still one of my favorite products.