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Apple Cider Vinegar is one of those beauty secrets that people don’t talk about often enough, and when you find out about it you wonder how you did without it. Apple Cider Vinegar also has some great health benefits as well which is why I was taking shots of it every single morning. (for more insight/info on that you can see my video review of the Apple cider vinegar first hand). But today its all about the benefits of apple cider vinegar for your natural hair. Take a look below at the 10 benefits of using apple cider vinegar and why you should go get and get you a bottle or two. I usually purchase mine from GNC but it can also be bought at health food stores, and online. (Amazon to the rescue). It is is fairly inexpensive so it is  great investment for your wallets and your health.

benefits of apple cider vinegar

10 Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Natural Hair

1. Balances the pH of your hair: The pH of your hair can get become out of whack with the use of all of the store bought hair products (even the best of the DIYers buy store bought products some times). By adding Apple Cider Vinegar into the mix whether during cleansing, deep conditioning, or rinsing the pH of your hair will be restored due to ACV’s aciding nature (2.9 on the scale).

2. Removes buildup from your scalp: ACV also is helpful in removing build up from products we use on a consistent basis. Buildup can clog pored and prevent hair from growing to its full potential.

3. Closes the cuticle of your hair: Especially if you have high porosity hair , Apple Cider Vinegar is going to be a key player in keeping your hair in check. This serves to protect the hair shaft helping to minimize breakage. By closing the cuticle of the hair it will also make it smoother, shinier and easier to detangle/manage.

4. Post shampoo natural rinse: You can use ACV in your post shampoo rinse, to decrease frizziness (refer back to reason #3) and will help boost the conditioning process.

5. A natural remedy for head lice: This is a natural remedy to head lice when you find the store bought products too strong or not helpful.

6. Natural conditioner for your hair: ACV is a natural conditioner for your hair but can also be mixed/added to store bought conditioner to give it that extra boost. ACV will leave your hair shiny and smooth when rinsed out with cool water.

7. Enhances color of your hair: ACV is great for high porosity hair and when you mix it with certain herbs/oils the presence of the acidity helps to enhance your natural hair color , or the color you may have dyed your hair to. Different oils/herbs help for different things (dry hair, oily hair, light hair,  dark hair…etc) so it is  vital to look into what your hair needs when it comes to creating your own ACV mix.

8. Helps alleviate dandruff & itchy scalp: ACV kills the bacteria that causes dandruff and itchiness on your scalp therefore providing relief. Using ACV once a week to rinse after your pre-poo, shampoo session or co washing session will not only cleanse the scalp, but help prevent any future bacteria or fungus from growing in.

9. Helps stimulate hair growth: Because of the health benefits/properties of ACV using it on your scalp 1-2xs a week will help stimulate hair growth because of the healthy conditions it will create for your scalp. Your scalp is the basis of healthy hair growth, and with a clear, clean, pH balanced scalp you are bound to see healthy hair growth that you can retain.

10. Natural Hair Loss Treatment: Using ACV weekly on your thinning hair will help prevent hair loss. Rubbing the ACV into these areas about an hour before shampooing (you can use it in your pre-poo also) will help in preventing hair loss to areas that are fragile or thinning.

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benefits of apple cider vinegar

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10 Responses to 10 Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Natural Hair

  1. Information very informity, present our models gives a since of encouragement to celebrate our natural hair that God has given us. There are many styles to pick from. I am about to turn 70 and I am interested in styles for the older classy women of our day!

  2. I’ve been testing out using apple cider vinegar in my own hair. My hair is naturally greasy but I think it looks a lot better since using apple cider vinegar. I have to wash it out properly though otherwise my boyfriend complains I stink!

  3. I have natural gray hair. Unfortunately, it’s not thick…it’s thin. Is ACV appropriate for gray hair? I don’t know how to classify my hair.

  4. I use ACV each time I wash my hair. I use it when I deep condition my hair. I typically use a spray bottle and spray it on parts of my scalp and hair. I do the four section method I have very thick and full head of hair. People say that your hair gets thinner as you get older that saying has not been for me and maybe because of all the things that I do to and for my hair. Hope it works for you.

  5. Melissa, thanks for the lovely post. I am a natural hair diva, and found that ACV leaves my curly coif quite happy! I make liquid shampoo and shampoo bars from ACV too. Definitely sharing this information. Thanks again.