While we’re in the middle of our Retain Your Mane Hair challenge  its important to remember that our hair care regimen doesn’t need any fancy bells or whistles. Many of our natural hair care issues can be resolved with simple DIY methods. One of these methods are hot oil treatments that are extremely beneficial especially when done during your wash day deep conditioning process.

There are several benefits of hot oil treatments that your hair will thank you for. Our biggest goal is to retain length during our hair growth challenge and these benefits of hot oil treatments are going to lay the foundation for that goal.

Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatments

benefits of hot oil treatments

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  1. Restores moisture balance to your hair: There is a delicate balance of moisture and protein needed in your hair care regimen to maximize on growth and length retention. By using hot oil treatments on a weekly basis you help keep the moisture balance in your hair.
  2. Seals Moisture into your ends: Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and need the most care. By adding the warmed oil to your hair and letting the nutrients seep in, you are helping to directly add and seal moisture into your tresses. The ends specifically.
  3. Increases blood circulation to your scalp: I like to massage my hot oil treatments into you my scalp after I’ve applied to my tresses. By massaging the oil in to your snap you are invigorating the growth process by increasing the blood circulation.
  4. Strengthens & nourishes hair which lets appearance of shininess : Your hair will look and feel stronger, healthier and will look healthier in doing so. The shininess you crave if your hair is dull will start to appear after several hot oil treatments.
  5. Helps prevent split ends: Because the hot oil treatment helps to seal moisture into your ends you are strengthening your ends thus preventing split ends.
  6. Helps bring brittle dry hair back to life: Because the hot oil treatment process helps with moisture it helps to revert your brittle dry hair.
  7. Smooths the hair cuticle to soften dry, rough hair: Your hair often feels dry and rough if your cuticle is raised or damaged. Hot oil treatments help to lay the cuticle down. This makes the hair less likely to snap and break off as well.
  8. Prevents frizz and protects from dry scalp and dandruff: Hot oil treatments help in preventing frizz that we naturalistas often become frustrate with. It also prevents dryness from occurring on your scalp which can lead to dandruff.

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How To: To complete a hot oil treatment take your favorite oil and place it into the microwave for 10-15 seconds. (test the oil before putting it on your hair/scalp). Once the oil is warm apply it to your hair (make sure hair is in four sections). Place a shower cap on your hair and let the oil sit for 15-20 minutes. If you are doing this during your deep conditioning step of your wash day you can also add the oil to your deep conditioner and follow the same steps. This gives your deep conditioner a super surge to make your hair extra soft, and moisturized.

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