benefits of lemongrass

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Taking care of your natural hair should never be a hassle. It seems that as the natural hair movement gets more popular and prevalent it has become more complex. More products, more methods, more headache right? Well… no! Sticking to the basics has always been a staple policy of mine, mostly because I’m truly lazy. That is why I focus on ingredients that will get the job done instead of a zillion and one products that don’t do what they promise to do.

That is where lemongrass comes in. Lemongrass is a popular perennial found mostly in the tropics of India and Sri Lanka. If you’re West Indian like Shakira and myself then you probably have lemongrass in your home in various forms. I’m currently drinking lemongrass tea as I type this. It is used often for cooking in the Caribbean, and for its citrus flavor in the US.

Why do we care about lemongrass for our hair then? Uh… because it has some extreme health benefits particularly for our tresses. Many brands have taken note of these healthy hair benefits and added lemongrass to their ingredient lists. My fave lemongrass hair product just so happens to be the liquid gold of the natural hair care community: Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner.

benefits of lemongrass on your natural hair

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Benefits Of Lemongrass On Your Natural Hair

1. Antimicrobial & Antiseptic Properties: With these properties using lemongrass on your natural hair will allow your scalp conditions to be handled with care. Specifically if you suffer from scalp inflammation or irritation. With regular use of lemongrass your scalp will be prime for growing healthy natural hair that you retain instead of losing to breakage, excessive shedding and other hair damage.

2. Strengthens Hair Follicles: Lemongrass is also known to strengthen your hair follicles which helps fight hair loss. As a source of iron it helps out with people who suffer with anemia or other iron deficiencies which can cause hair loss. The less hair you lose/ the more hair you keep on your head the more hair you will have! Sounds like a duh! But often times we can get caught up in her growth and not in hair health. Retaining your hair is key to actually having healthy beautiful hair on your head. You can grow your as much as you’d like but if your scalp and follicles aren’t on board with the retaining then it is all for nothing.

3. Treats Oily Hair: If you are struggling with oily hair lemongrass will become your new Bae. While adding to shine, lemongrass will help eliminate or reduce the production of excess oil on your hair. What I like best about lemongrass as a treatment for oily hair it also works well with other essential and carrier oils helping to create the best hair treatment for your hair needs.

Have you used lemongrass on your natural hair? If so what were your results? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!