Even with a minor protein sensitivity issue due to protein overload at the forefront of my hair care issues, there are still many reasons for me to discuss the benefits of protein treatments on your natural hair. If you notice your hair isn’t acting like it used to, or showing signs of major breakage/damage it may be time for a protein treatment for these very reasons!

Benefits Of Protein Treatments

  1. Makes Hair Softer & Smoother: Protein treatments assist in laying the cortex of the hair down so that it is smooth. This will also make it easier to detangle since your hair will be softer and more manageable.
  2. Strengthens Your Hair: Our hair is made of mostly protein, therefore when we put our hair through hell and back we are weakening the structure. A weak structure needs to be replenished by adding protein back into the strands to prevent damage and breakage. Remember there is no reversal for damage, you want to catch the hair when it appears to weaken, but just before it hits the point of no return.
  3. Creates Fuller/Healthier Hair: When your hair is weak it appears “dead” therefore your twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs… or any other hair style also suffer. They don’t appear as full and healthy when completed because your hair is in dire need of protein. By completing a protein treatment approximately every 8 weeks (or as needed depending on your hair’s needs) you will help your hair keep its full healthy appearance when styled.
  4. Stops & Prevents Hair Breakage: When your hair lacks protein it becomes weak, and prone to damage/breakage. You will notice a lot more shedding and tangling on wash days and even in between wash days as well. Consistent proper protein treatments help give your hair the extra edge/protection it needs from all that you put it through. And lets face it we do put our hair through a lot.
  5. Helps Retain Moisture : If you can retain moisture it will become easier for you to retain length. The LOC method is my  go to method, however no matter how many oils, creams and leave ins you put if your hair. The moisture will not be retained until the balance of moisture and protein is met. It is a very sensitive fragile balance, however crucial to the growth of a health head of hair. Trust me I know! When I had too much protein, my hair was falling out in clumps. No one wants that!

Listen to what your hair wants and needs, it will show you! And find what works best for your.

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