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I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written about natural hair, but I can never abandon our first true calling on Trials N’ Tresses. So here we are back with some more natural hair tidbits. And if you’re ever feeling lost you can looking through the hundreds of natural hair topics we’ve covered over the last 6 years (trust me we’ve hit just about everything!). 


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Part of the reason Trials N’ Tresses has taken shifts in content away from natural hair, is because well… my natural hair never has been the most amazing, and certainly not the most cooperative. I find that most of the time I’m at a loss for words when it comes to what is going on with this hair of mine on my head. Sometimes it thrives, most times it doesn’t. And really… that is my fault. You see I’ve been neglecting getting professional haircuts religiously over the last 6 years. As I type this now I’m over due for a trim since November 2018. My hair dresser is not going to be happy about that. 

Beyond my hair simply being uncooperative I know it is because I haven’t been the most cooperative with her. Our hair deserves to be trimmed properly and here’s why. And no… none of the benefits will be that it makes your hair grow faster… because that simply isn’t true! 

benefits of trimming your natural hair

7 Benefits of Trimming Your Natural Hair

1. Avoid Split Ends: It’s a fact… a well known fact that when you trim your hair regularly that you will be more likely to avoid split ends. I hate to break it to you… there is no treatment in the world that will heal or fix your split ends. Once those ends are split, they are split for good and there is nothing you can do to “repair” them. The two choices you have are to live with wispy damaged ends or to get a trim and start fresh! By observing your ends for the most part you can tell when they are in dire need of some TLC. This will dictate how often you incorporate regular trims into your natural hair regimen. For some it may be every 3-4 months for others it may be twice a year. Whatever works best for your hair is what you want to stick to… but you certainly want to make sure your ends are handled with care as to not increase the damage (the split can go all the way up the hair shaft… and no one will be happy then). Mind your ends and they will repay you with flourishing healthy hair in return! 

2. Prevents Single Strand Knots: I thankfully haven’t had to deal with single strand knots too often, but I know many many ladies who have. By implementing regular trims into your natural hair regimen, you remedy the single strand knot conundrum before it becomes a really frustrating problem. Even if you still experience single strand knots on occasion, frequent trims will surely help to alleviate the problem long term. 

3. Your Hair Will Appear Thicker + Healthier: Every time I get my hair trimmed, I swear that I will always stick to the time line because my hair always looks fire after I do. Once you let go of those dead ends (both physically and metaphorically) your hair will look much thicker and healthier than when you had those straggly ends holding on for dear life. Yes your hair will appear shorter for a time… but health over length is always the focus/mission. 

4. Minimizes Frizziness: Especially in these cold NYC streets during the winter, frizziness can reach an all time high if you have damaged unhealthy ends. Too much time between a haircut leaves you open to the possibility of a frizzy outcome even when using your best staple products and your go to hairstyle. I often find that when I add in the bulkiness of scarves, sweaters and winter coats, my ends take a major beating if they are not probably taken care of or tucked away in a projective style. 

5. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth: This is not to be confused with trimming your hair makes it grow faster. The reason this is often said in the natural hair world is because when you trim your natural hair, you are allowing it the space to grow in a healthier manner. This makes it appear as though your hair is growing faster. When really all it is, is that you are retaining more of your growth/length as opposed to the amount of shedding/hair loss you go through when you have damaged ends. 

6. Easier Time Detangling: Whenever my ends have gone too long without being trimmed, I have a much harder time detangling. I also have an increased amount of shedding that occurs as well. When you add shedding and difficult detangling into the mix you are probably facing far less hair growth and retention than you’d appreciate. When you trim more regularly you create the opportunity for the slip and moisture of your favorite natural hair product to do its job and cut down on the difficulties of detangling. 

7. Maintain Styles For Longer: Messy unhealthy ends will ruin a style no matter how much time, energy, and gel you put into it. Twist outs, perm rod sets, and wash and go’s will never turn out as good as you’d like if your ends don’t conform. This means… yes for the sake of your styling process you need to get a trim, to help the style last longer. 

What are some reasons you have against getting regular trims ( I know mine is because I have this unhealthy obsession with length). What are your reasons? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below! 

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