brushes to detangle natural hair

I know they say to never brush natural hair, but there are several brushes that have been designed to help with the detangling process for curly haired beauties like yourself. Now… I must add that with all of the good comes some bad as well. These particular brushes work for certain women and for others it doesn’t. So before you go detangle brush crazy you want to make sure that the particular brush will work best for you and your hair.

And as an added bonus you want to make sure you are always detangling with some type of moisturizer or conditioner to help the process. Detangling on bone dry hair is much harder and makes the hair more prone to damage and breakage.


5 Best Tools To Help Detangle Your Natural Hair 

5 Best Brushes To Detangle Your Natural Hair

1. Michael Mercier: This is the king of detangling brushes. It works best for thicker hair than the other brushes mentioned. I do warn to still take caution as I don’t want you ripping your hair out because the brush specializes in helping detangle thicker tresses. Always be gentle with your hair!


2. Denman BrushI’ve used the Denman brush the most out of the options listed here and while it does grab a bit more hair than I like it makes detangling a breeze and makes my curls pop. This is best for women with 3a-4a type hair.


3. Tangle TeezerThe tangle teezer can be very touch and go. This requires gentle detangling as to not break the actual combs in the brush. Other than that it is very similar to the denman brush with the way your curls will POP at the end of the detangling process.


4. Boar Bristle Brush: This brush isn’t really for detangling purposes. More so to help lay your edges down when creating a sleek bun or up do. This is the best option and most gentle way for those who love to lay them edges !


5. Paddle Brush : This brush I only recommend when detangling/ blow drying your natural hair. The paddle brush can be a bit harsh especially if you have fine hair, but if you are blow drying this may make the process quicker/ and more effective with the least amount of heat used( won’t have to go over the same spot over and over again).




*Fingers*: This isn’t a brush I know but my absolute favorite way to detangle my hair is to use my fingers. It may take a bit longer, but it is the most gentle way and doesn’t require any purchases… because you’ve already got the tools. I rotate between finger detangling, and using a brush or wide tooth comb. But if  you see that neither the wide tooth comb or brush are working for you, finger detangling may be your best most effective bet!

What is your favorite detangling method? Share with us in the comments below!

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