best butters for your natural hair

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We know the benefits of shea butter and cocoa butter for just about everything that has to do with hair and skin. But shea and cocoa butter aren’t the only butters on the block that can have tremendous benefits on your natural hair. Just because shea/cocoa butter may be your tried and true doesn’t mean it can’t face a bit of competition from some others. These 7 best butters for your natural hair don’t need to be mixed or used every day. Try and test out which butters work best for your hair care regimen, and consider swapping out a product or two for a more natural approach. You can even find products that specialize or focus on that particular butter.

Out of the 7 butters mentioned I’ve dabbled in five of them so I’m certainly a guinea pig for butter effectivenes if you have it. The other two I haven’t tried I stand behind them 100%… well maybe 85% because of great reviews and benefits I’ve found in my research for you!

6 Best Butters For Your Natural Hair

1. Mango Butter: Mango Butter’s composition is closest to shea butter and cocoa butter so its no wonder that it is number one on my list. It is also becoming a fan favorite for naturalistas everywhere, and appearing on more ingredient labels. With Vitamins A, C and E,  Mango Butter is great for fighting off free radicals while being extremely moisturizing. It is also best to use in warmer months as it also provides UV protection, which will keep your hair from getting heat damaged due to weather conditions.

2. MuruMuru Butter: Besides just loving saying the name of this butter, MuruMuru Butter is also another fabulous moisturizer. With high levels of oleic acid, it is also great for restoring elasticity in damaged hair. This is great for women with thick hair a well as it is a great curl definer and helps fight off frizziness.

3. Aloe Butter: If you know the benefits of aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice then you will already be in love with Aloe Butter. This butter also comes from the Aloe plant and is fractionated with coconut oil. This butter is much lighter than the previously mentioned two butters so it is best to use in extremely warm weather. It also does not leave behind a greasy residue. Aloe Butter is also a great moisturizer to have in your arsenal without worrying about it weighing down your hair.


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4. Cupuacu Butter: Cupuacu butter is great in two variations. You can use it on its own as a moisturizer or you can use it to enhance the moisture in your natural hair products. You can add it to your conditioners or use it as a styler as well. Either way it is used you can expect phenomenal results. This butter just like mango butter is also appearing more often in various natural hair products on the market too.


5. Kokum Butter: Kokum Butter is a bit different than the previous butters mentioned but it is just as beneficial to your hair care regimen as the others. Why? Because of its regenerative properties. What does that mean for your natural hair? This helps with hair elasticity, and preventing breakage. This butter is also a great addition to your regimen by helping provide nutrients to your scalp. This of course leads to healthy hair growth which we all love and want.

6.Tucuma butter: Last but not least is Tucuma butter which is very similar to my favorite MuruMuru butter. This butter offers restructuring benefits, so this is best for people who suffer with high porosity hair. On top of that… you guessed it its a big player in the moisture and elasticity field as well.

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Have you tried any of these butters before on your natural hair? Which one are you considering using or adding int your hair care regimen. Share your thought with us below!

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