Understanding and learning your hair is crucial to the health and wellness of it. By knowing/understanding your porosity you can use different products that will affect it differently. The only hair typing I find to be most crucial is whether or not your hair has low or high porosity. A close second would be whether or not you have fine/thick hair… but I’ll save that for another post. To determine the porosity of your hair you need to take the strand test (though they are many other ways of determining it as well.) By taking a few strands of hair and putting them in a glass of water you will be able to generally grasp the porosity of your hair. High porosity would mean the hair descends to the bottom of the glass while low porosity would mean the water stays aloat at the top.

What is Porosity: Hair porosity affects how moisture absorbs into your hair. The cuticle on the outer layer of your hair determines whether or not you have normal, high, or low porosity. High porosity means that moisture enters your hair with great ease, while low porosity would mean that your cuticles are very tight and prevent moisture from entering the shaft of the hair strands.

With low porosity hair you want to avoid using heavy products, as low porosity tends to have issues with product build up. So when choosing products and especially oils lighter is always better. Which means… oils such as olive oil and coconut oil are a no go for naturals with low porosity hair because they will undoubtedly sit on top of the hair instead of absorbing into them.

pGNC1-3136929t300x300Grapeseed OilIs one of the lightest oils that you can use which is why it is a dream for women with low porous hair. Grapeseed is just as light as Jojoba Oil (mentioned below) but is great as strengthener and heat protectant (when used with another heat protectant as well).

61rQxPqQxCL._SY550_Jojoba Oil: Jojoba Oil most closely matches the natural oils in our scalp and is extremely light. The fatty acids prevalent in Jojoba make it a great choice for women with low porous hair looking to seal their ends or oil their scalps. This also works for women battling with dandruff or dry scalp as well.

813vBxJdffL._SY550_Argan Oila light effective moisturizing oil, argan oil will leave your hair with all the shine you want without the heavy oily feeling left behind by heavier oils.

MintOil__68209.1421860078.500.500Almond OilMy favorite light oil is Mielle Organic’s Mint Almond Oil. This is a healthy sweet smelling oil mix of two amazingly effective yet light oils. Peppermint and Almond oil come together to create a fortified magic potion ! I use this oil for everything ! If you haven’t heard about the benefits of almond oil you may want to check it out here. You can get this product from Amazon or on the Mielle Organics website using code: TRESSES at checkout for a discount.

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22 Responses to Best Oils For Low Porosity Hair

  1. I just want to thank you for this information. For the past few months I’ve been using Jamaican Black Castor oil on my crown and edges. How sad I am to learn that I’ve been damaging it the entire time! The crown hair has gotten shorter and the edges are thin. I’m praying with the switch to a different oil along with essential oils my hair will be healthy again.

    • OMG the samething happened to me! That Jamaican oil is evil for LP hair, I lost a chuck of my hair and it never grew back, I am almost bold near my crown, I wish there is a way I can make my grow, The jamaican oil destroyed my hair forever.
      Please everyone be aware, and I think the people who made those videos in Youtube about the “miracle” jamaican oil are mere paid advertisers

  2. Thank you for this article. Very informative. My question, however, is what’s the best oil to use to pre-poo low porosity hair?

  3. Hi my name is Ikia, I’m trying to figure what’s the best oil and shampoo/conditioners good for low porosity hair? My scalp stay very dry and I really need help.

  4. I’ve found that SheaMoisture Baobab & Tea Tree Oils Low Porosity and Protein Free line works best for me. I used to have to wash my hair every three days (mainly just water wash) to keep moisture in my hair until this line was sent from GOD lol. I can now wash my hair every two weeks, and my hair still feels soft and conditioned when I take it down. That stuff and grape oil has made my life so much easier.

  5. Thanks for this post it was really helpful. I was stuck in the hair store yesterday trying to figure out what oil is best for my hair and I found this page. I only recently found out that coconut oil is not good for low porosity hair. I’ve been natural for almost 5 years now and couldn’t figure out why my hair isn’t flourishing like all the other naturalistas but now that i have a better understanding of my hair, I can make a change.
    Thanks again !

    • My pleasure! Yeah… I did the same thing for so long. I couldn’t figure out why my hair was always so dry and I realized coconut oil was not my friend. Welp… better late than never!

  6. Hello there.

    Thank you so much for the info. After having protein overload, insane amounts of shedding and stiff/brittle hair, I’ve removed proteins from my regimen. I’m already seeing a difference however I am using As I am hydration elation deep conditioner (and the their leave in) and am wondering if the coconut oil content is also contributing to dryness? I guess I’m wondering if it’s ok to use products containing coconut oil as long as I’m not using coconut oil on its own? Pretty please help me out. I’m sick of wasting my money!! 🙂

  7. Thanks for this information, but my question is what is the best moisturising oil and sealant oil for low porosity hair?

    • Rapeseed, pomegranate, jojoba, or even argan oils. Pick one of these because it’s lightweight and absorbent for the scalp. Hopefully, this helps you on your journey to happy hairdom.