Protective styling is a great way to save your hair from excess styling and damage if done correctly. But protective styling can also be a life saver for the avid fitness freak who loves to work out but doesn’t like to mess up their hair 3,4,5 days from wash day. So instead of giving up on your work out, or ruining your hair there are 4 simple yet effective protective styles that are best for your workout sessions.

4 Best Protective Styles For Working Out

Mini Twists: Though they can be an ultimate pain to do/put into your hair (whether you use added hair or not) mini twists are a cute protective style that can last all week even with you working out at your best. You have access to your scalp, and even if you are prone to sweat profusely from your scalp these twists will stay in place for the most part and your overall look will not be altered. Best of all depending on the length of your hair you can pin/pull them back or put them into a bun, thus protecting your protective style! Ha! When you take them you get an awesome twist out, so thats a definite two for one deal.

Braids: With the similar concept as mini twists, braids whether they are box braids, or cornrows are a great protective style to wear during workout sessions. They stay in place, are nice and secure, and wont get damaged/ ruin the look if you have a tough workout session. The most important part to me when discussing protective styles of course is the access to the scalp and with braids you have full access. This way your scalp is breathing, and you are moving without ruing your doo!

Buns: Whether it is a top knot or a low bun, buns are a great protective style to tuck and hide away your ends while protecting the overall style. Best of all you can just take the bun down and transition into your next style one you are done with your work out. There is no harm to the scalp, tresses, or ends. Make sure not to pull the bun too tightly so you dont damage your edges or put tension/strain on the strands of your hair. Thus defeating the purpose of an effective protective style used to protect! Remember your protective style should not be a cause/source of damage or hair loss!

Two Strand Twists: I gave two strand twists their own category because though they can be considered/put into the mini twist section they are less work/tedious to install and can result in a bomb twistout when taken down. Two strand twists can also be kept in for a while (less time than mini twists I believe) and can be taken down when you are ready. I find these are easier as you can put in two – four chunky two strand twists, pin them back and head out to the gym in no time. Your roots may be a little puffy because of the sweat but the integrity of the style will still be pretty flawless if I do say so myself!

What are some of your favorite protective styles to rock when working out at the gym? Share your thoughts with us below!

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