If you’re anything like me you try to get through wash day as quickly and effectively as possible. I’ve managed to it down to one hour on most days, and with out a doubt the most annoying and time consuming part has got to be the detangling (besides the styling part of course!). Detangling is a crucial vital part of your wash day and your overall hair care regimen. Why? Because without proper detangling you can end up with matted damaged hair that will be of no use to you. The tricky part about detangling can be the tools you choose to help you a long with this process. Here are the 5 best tools to help you detangle your natural hair.

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5 Best Tools To Help Detangle Natural Hair

1. Fingers: Your phalanges (sorry the Science geek in me came out) are your best tool when ti comes to detangling your natural tresses. (as long as your nails are done… you don’t want to be causing unintentional damage to your hair). It may not be as quick as the other tools that will be mentioned on the list but it sure as hell is the safest and most effective method to detangle.

71nBc6BSJ9L._SL1500_ 2. Denman Brush/ Detangling Brush: The Denman Brush helps in detangling but is best used in curly clumping to give definition to your natural hair. This brush does have some 29874241613269p“haters” so to speak as it does have the potential to cause alot of shedding and split ends in the process of detangling and doesn’t always work best with finer strands. Better used on medium/thicker strands. The Michel Mercier Detangling Brush which the Denman Brush is often compared to, is another option for naturals who want to use a brush for their detangling process. This brush comes in three variations to help women with fine, medium, or thick strands so there is more variety and option of you are going down this route.

db_file_img_2544_420x4203. Wide Tooth Shower Comb:  These are fairly cheap in price and can be found in most beauty supply stores, or local drug stores. They have a convenient hook at the end to hang in your shower (hence the name) so that you can detangle in the process of your shower. What I find with these combs is they are great for last minute detangling but be weary of the type you purchase. These combs can also be detrimental in causing split ends if the construction of the comb is cheap or jagged.

Tangle_Teezer_Original_Professional_Detangling_Hairbrush___Pink_1365777756.png4. Tangle Teezer: The Tangle Teezer was Denman’s response to the Denman Brush being too difficult to use for women with thinner strands. Even women with thicker hair have been ranting and raving about the effectiveness of the Tangle Teezer. The bristles are alot softer making it alot easier on the tresses when detangling.

f8fe2d0b3fa57515fb2a5d74f8735. Seamless Comb: Seamless combs help to alleviate the issues you run into when you purchase a wide tooth comb or shower comb. These combs are often made of plastic the fore the pieces are jagged and sharp when they come together. After continuous use that can cause damage, shedding and split ends to occur. With a seamless comb that issue is resolved as the comb is made out of one piece of plastic or wood.




5 Best Tools To

Which tool do you use to detangle your natural hair? Share your thoughts and responses with us below!

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