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Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner (as in… tomorrow) and while you’re trying to make sure every single moment is perfect for you and Bae… have you decided what to do with your hair?

I decided I didn’t want to wear my PrivateStock hair in the same old wash and go or twist out for the day of LOVE so I stopped being lazy and did a twist on a Flexi Rod Set. I love the 80s big hair trend and even if it never comes back it style it is always going to be one of my favorite looks. Everything from Whitney Houston’s “I want to dance with somebody look” to Jesse from Saved By The Bell. I’m all about the big hair, but with rhyme or reason! Meaning…  I don’t want a big giant poodle on my head! So I knew Flexi Rods would give me the look I was going for.

bouncy curls for valentine's day

To achieve this look you’ll need:

  1. Flexi Rods (I used purple, grey, orange and blue ones to give my curls some variety and depth)
  2. Hair Creme/ Lotion – I used Mielle Organics Avocado Hair Milk (Use code: TRESSES to get a discount on your purchase from Mielle Organics)
  3. Wide tooth comb: You need to have hair that is perfectly detangle to get a smooth application and results. Any tangles or knots will ruin the look.
  4. Hair clips: To keep your hair parted and in sections while you work from section to section
  5. Satin Scarf : To sleep at night. Let your flexi rod set dry properly. Or you can sit under a hooded dryer if you are short on time
  6. Lots and Lots Of Hair Pins: Especially if you are using hair extensions to help with bending and shaping the hair. 

Watch the video below to see how I applied the flexi rods, how I took them down and how I achieved my rock star look! You can also use code: TRIALSNTRESSES on your purchases from PrivateStockHair (You get 10% off orders of 150.00 or more and FREE Shipping) You also can enter to win 2 free bundles of Private Stock Hair! The deets on the video tell you how! Giveaway ends: February 28th!

Bomb Bouncy Curls For Valentine’s Day (tutorial)

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