I’m currently in the process of progressing into a truly minimalistic natural lifestyle that involves 0 chemically processed products. In doing so it has me looking and analyzing ingredient lists on products like crazy. I compiled a list of the top offenders that I try to avoid the most here, and in doing so had to eliminate certain products from my repertoire immediately. I found that it was becoming a negative experience more than a positive one, so instead of compiling a list of what you can’t use, or shouldn’t use… I did some digging/analyzing and found 10 chemical free… (or at least free of harsh dangerous chemicals) that are using organic ingredients instead of harmful ones. I also tried to keep an eye on the brands that weren’t price gouging because they weren’t harmful. In doing so I have 10 brands that have mostly organic or completely 100 percent organic/ natural ingredients in their products.

10 Best Chemical Free Brands For Natural Hair

Babassu__51001.1421856711.500.5001. Mielle Organics : This brand’s mission and root to success is based off of their organic ingredients. They are a full line (what I mean by full line is they consist of a shampoo, conditioner, rinse out conditioner, leave in and oil), so you can complete your entire regimen with this line. Mielle Organics also has a hair growth supplement that seems to very effective in growing your natural hair quickly without the nasty breakouts that usually occur while taking large amounts of Biotin. You can see my results from these hair vitamins here. If you are interested in getting your hands on Mielle Organics products at a discount you can use coupon code: TRESSES at checkout for 10 bucks off of any purchases over 20.00 .   

IMG_03012. CarmaCare: CarmaCare is more of a styling brand that offers a leave in conditioner, oil, moisturizing style butter, and styling gel. These products are all organic and contain minimal ingredients, all of which I can pronounce with ease (which is a plus). The styling butter is also a great moisturizer for your skin which is what I used it for religiously during the cold NY winter we just escaped.

mn1_0000183. Hydratherma Naturals:  Hydratherma has one of my favorite hair moisturizers and leave in conditioners in the natural hair game. For about a year now I’ve been relentlessly dedicated to this brand because it gets results. Hydratherma is a complete line with more than enough options to offer you for your natural hair regimen. This is another line/brand that has minimal ingredients that are high end and impactful to hair growth/ progress and length retention. What I love the most about this brand is that it offers a balance in protein and moisture which is a key balance to master in order to have healthy growing hair.

wonder_curl--get_set_hair_jelly_8oz4. Wonder CurlIs a brand focused in bringing you organic natural stylers. With gels and butters for your twist outs, Wonder Curl also brings cleansing, moisturizing, and treatments to another level. My favorite product from the Wonder Curl brand is the Detoxifying Clay Cleanser. I don’t use shampoo on my hair (very very rarely maybe once or twice a year) and sometimes I get tired of making my own clay paste. Wonder Curl offers me another alternative with less time consumption.

20120710_1065. Aubrey Organics: Aubrey Organics is now NSF certified as organic. They use pure botanic ingredients and plant butters. Because they are not mass produced it is unfortunately difficult to find and why it is almost impossible to find in store. (mostly available online). Aubrey Organics also offers natural skin care products on top of their natural hair care line. Most interesting aspect of this line… is their stylers are made out of chia seeds.. WHAT! Go figure! If anything it is definitely worth looking into.

groupshothr6. Kinky Curly: This brand just signed the Compact For Safe Cosmetics and brings you products that are good for your hair without adding harsh chemicals or ingredients to preserve it for a long time. This brand is a bit on the pricier side and they completed their entire line up last year when they added Stellar Strands into the mix which serves as their deep treatment/ cleanser.

CoCoPudding7. BelNouvo: BelNouvo is one of my new new favorites. I’ve been messing around with their sample products for a little while when I received them at various natural hair events. But back around the holidays I got my hands on a full size product and it has been a secret in my arsenal since then. BelNouvo is a full line from shampoos to co washes to conditioners and stylers, but they also have natural skin care products as well.

764302111320_990x740_18. Nubian Heritage: I’ve been using their African Black Soap for a few months to help alleviate my bacne issues, but I really started falling in love with Nubian Heritage when I saw their latest release of natural deodorants. They also have been in the natural hair game for a while. They are all about the options and they add so many key ingredients that are left off of the popular table. These ingredients are super effective to the natural hair regimen. What I also appreciate is they are readily available in just about every beauty supply store.

mini_hair_collection_8oz-yogurt__15381.1418123642.1280.12809. Alikay Naturals: The Alikay Naturals brand is at about 80 percent organic ingredients, and 100 percent natural ingredients. This brand offers a little bit of something for everyone with their options in skin care, beauty and hair care. My ultimate fave that has been by my side since the beginning of my natural hair journey is the Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner. I go through that conditioner very quickly and have to head to my local Target to pick up more.

db_file_img_2405_420x42010. Oyin Handmade: I’m partial to any brand that uses hemp seed oil in their products because my hair just seems to love love love it! But thats not even the best part of this brand. They have so many options with so many great out of the box ingredients. My fave is their Juices and Berries line but the honey dew, and the honey hemp line are also pretty phenomenal. This brand is surfacing in a few Targets here and there but you can also buy it online from their store or CurlMart.

Have you used any of these natural hair products? If not which are you most interested to try to? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • If it is damaged there is a good chance you are going to have to chop it off and start fresh. Take a look through trialsntresses.com and see if there are any products/steps you can take to alleviate the damage, but there is no repair when hair is damaged.

  1. Isn’t SheaMoisture natural as well. It doesn’t have any mineral oil ot petrolatum in it, but I’m not sure about the sulfate.

  2. Great post and great product suggestions but for me the GKhair products really works and I like them very much, because they are pure natural made from JUVEXIN that is a protein derived from pristine sheep through a natural and friendly process. Absolutely free from harsh chemicals such as SLS, SLES and sodium chloride. They will never ever harm/damage your hair. Perhaps you will love it once you used it. Simply the best. 🙂 <3

  3. hi love the info sharing all the way from Africa! how can i get samples of these! keep to test, use and distribute 2 brands. can you help? hair ranges only Nubian heritage and Alilay

  4. My hair is short (about 3-4 inches wet) cotton soft and fuzzy in some areas, kinky tight in others. I guess I’m 4a/b hair type and would love for my natural curl pattern to show. When I shampoo it it looks fine for a day but then back to fuzzy frizzy dry hair. Any suggestions on what products to use?

  5. I read the list of products and really appreciate the information provided because I am looking to find a good line of products that dont have all the harsh priority chemicals to damage my type 4 hair or health. I have found a lot of products including the Kinky Curly brand on California Proposition 65 list in which informs in the state of California; those products are deemed to expose you to lead, birth defects and other reproductive harm. It’s just very hard trying to find a safe product.

  6. I’ve been natural for 6 years but I have decided to stop blow drying and flat ironing my hair what are the best hair care products to use