Black Female Business Owner CEO Spotlight

Meghan Johnson Of Coco Conscious Collective

unnamed-1 Interviewee: Megan Johnson

Company: Pure Alchemy Products

Brand: CoCo | Conscious Collective

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, OH. I have a pretty typical working middle class background I suppose.

2. What do you want to make sure your audience knows? About you? About your brand?

I started CoCo | Conscious Collective in 2011 as a long-time naturalista looking for more holistic hair care solutions that also offered versatility. I’ve always been about convenience in my beauty routine as a busy professional but also performance hair care. When I looked around I saw a lot of companies claiming that their products are natural but if you look at their chemistry and process, the makeup of them is a lot of synthetics. The reality is that we develop relationships with brands; we invite them into our homes and they get intimate with us by being on our bodies yet, we’re not holding them to as high of a standard as we could. So I developed CoCo | Conscious Collective as a more transparent, yet thoughtful, alternative.


3. What is the motto of your brand?

“Naturally inclined. Social by design. Beautiful by nature. United in our pursuit. We are CoCo | Conscious Collective.” It represents the ideals of a savvy community seeking more authentically natural personal care solutions for themselves while celebrating and uplifting women of color; a community of women whose beauty is conveyed outwardly through the achievement of their personal, social and civic purpose.

4. Brief background/ synopsis on your brand

CoCo | Conscious Collective is an authentically natural multi-step hair care system designed for a multitude of textures for all the ways a woman styles her hair, curly and straight. We exist to offer women of color a better-for-her hair care alternative transparently. We believe in uplifting as we climb and donate one dollar from every product sold online to women entrepreneurs, like ourselves, under developing circumstances to help move them to self-sufficiency.


5. What is the most rewarding part of your career?/ Least rewarding?

Just being here is so rewarding. It’s liberating. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this climb and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It is a climb and the hill is quite steep but it’s all worth it. Getting to meet so many wonderful women and hearing their hair stories, getting the opportunity to tell a woman that she and her hair are beautiful, and just listening with an open ear and mind are some of the best parts. The least rewarding parts are those standard challenges that come with investing in and building your own business. Can we say that there are never enough resources? But that’s just par for the course and you learn how flexible and nimble you can be by doing more (or at least attempting to do more) with less.

6. If you weren’t in your field what would you be doing?

I would be an architect-construction manager with my own design-build firm because I love designing and building things. Systems have always fascinated me and projects are fun because they keep you learning and growing past your existing skill set. That may still occur, you never know. But the constant is entrepreneurism. I believe in being the master of my own destiny and as much as I love people, we’ve all been disappointed by someone who held our fate where we relied on them, for example, parents, significant other, employer.   I’m a realist and I like control where God gives it to me. And philanthropy is really important to me because I believe in helping people with both my time and resources. That’s the other constant as well.


7. What is going to be your legacy?

I want to be known as someone who fully lived her life with passion and purpose. Whatever she tried she put her all into it. She worked hard and the hard work paid off. She didn’t have to sacrifice because somehow she made time for it all while developing this amazing village of support to never drop a beat. I can tell you that living this way can be really tasking and sometimes pressure-filled but I’ve learned to make private time for myself to decompress and it helps tremendously.

8. Who is the rock behind your empire?

That would be me; my personal strength, personal leadership, and endurance. But I do also thank my husband, children, and my family for their patience, understanding, and willingness to help whenever asked. If I didn’t have them I would really be up a nasty creek without a paddle sometimes.

9. What projects do you have coming up? What should we be looking out for?

We’ve started selling on Amazon in addition to our website So if you are used to buying some of your favorite brands there you can find us there too now. We’ll also be doing more events this year and just trying to continue to tell our story in what I hope is a compelling way. We’ll be looking at more partnerships because I love connecting in meaningful ways with other like minds in the space. We also constantly get asked what stores our products are sold in, which is a compliment that people immediately think we look like a retail brand. So I’m considering the customer journey more right now on a lot of fronts.

10. What are your social media platforms?

We are everywhere as @CoCoConscious, IG, FB, Pinterest. If you look you will find us so please follow us and drop a direct message anywhere if you’ve enjoyed my story. I look forward to the possibility of meeting anyone in our collective.