common natural hair problems

Let me be clear… our natural hair is not a problem. It never has been and it never will be. However… we do encounter problems when making sure our hair is flourishing in its healthiest state. Whether it is a hormonal issue that we can not handle/solve or an issue that we our selves are unintentionally causing… we have some common natural hair problems and malfunctions that we need to adjust. In order for our crown to be standing at full attention in all its glory we must nip these common natural hair problems in the bud ASAP.

5 Common Natural Hair Problems & How To Fix Them

1. Breakage: Probably the most frustrating and annoying common natural hair problem that we as naturalistas face. It is annoying and can be attributed to many different things. Usually (unless it is a hormonal issue) we face breakage because of something we’re doing that our hair does not like. Whether it is a style, a product, or something we’re wearing/leaning on… we’re the culprit.


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Solve it: To figure out what is causing your breakage you are going to have to change things slowly just as if you were checking up on an allergy. Be sure your hair is moisturized and not consistently being harmed with too much tension or pulling. Use the LOC method to keep your tresses moisturized and see if that turns around your bad luck with breakage. If it consistently continues, seek help from a dermatologist or endocrinologist to tackle issues that may be beyond your control.

2. Split Ends: Although split ends are a type of hair breakage they certainly get their own category because they are quite the enemy. Split ends can not and I repeat CAN NOT be repaired. They have to be trimmed off and start fresh with new healthy ends.


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Solve It: While you can’t fix split ends the solution to preventing them is simple. Keep your hair moisturized and your ends sealed. Many people get confused with this aspect of their natural hair regimen even if they are using the LOC Method. You have to seal with a sealing oil and not a moisturizing oil (there is a difference). Be careful of what your ends rub against (wool and cotton are the enemy). Protect your ends and they will be kind to you!


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3. Detangling: Depending on your hair texture and type detangling may be a nightmare or a dream for you (not sure if it really is a dream for anyone). However it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you don’t detangle properly you will be leading into the common natural hair problems mentioned above. Breakage and split ends can occur if your detangling methods or tools are too aggressive or inefficient.


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Solve It: Invest in the proper natural hair detangling tools. I for one prefer using my hands but there are some detangling jobs that require a bit more. For that I head to a wide tooth comb and use patience to get the job done. Rushing through detangling will leave nots and eventually lead to matting. That is not something we want! Don’t keep moving forward into your styling process on wash day without fully detangling so your style can come out the way you intended.

4. Single Strand Knots: Are the absolute worst. Between single strand knots and split ends… our length retention is always in severe danger if we don’t take care of the problem ASAP! If not handled immediately single strand knots can lead to some unfortunate breakage. If you notice you are getting tons of single strand knots… you may need to change a few steps in your hair care regimen.  Wash and Go’s can often be the culprit behind single strand knots so if that is your go to style and you are suffering from the knots… that may be one of the main causes.

Solve It: Keep your ends healthy first and foremost. Which means ultimately getting a trim to get rid of those annoying knots in the first place. Then keeping your ends moisturized & sealed (LOC Method to the rescue) and best of all… protective styling when ever you can. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to add in extra hair but it does mean you should attempt to keep your ends tucked away as much as possible.


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5. Excessive Shedding: Regular shedding isn’t an issue because hair naturally sheds when it reaches its fourth stage of hair growth. We lose about 100 hairs a day on a normal natural healthy hair day. However where it starts to become a problem is when the shedding is excessive. IF chunks of hair are falling out, our you’re noticing thinning/balding areas that is a sign of excessive shedding and something is wrong. Whether you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance or traction alopecia excessive shedding can be a serious issue for the progress of your natural hair.

Solve It: If it is not a hormonal issue, excessive shedding is usually a sign that you are putting too much tension on your hair. This usually occurs with tight braids or buns or anything that may pull on the hair. This also leads to severe breakage as well. Try some hair styles that cause less tension and pulling on your hair. If that doesn’t stop the excessive shedding see a dermatologist to help get down to the root of the problem.


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