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In my journey to use natural chemical free products I’ve also become more aware of how these products are being created/formulated for mass production and sales. So I did a bit of research (it’s the product junkie in me I can’t help it) and curated this awesome list of 7 cruelty free natural hair brands that have a great core set of ingredients for your natural hair, but also haven’t harmed any living creature in doing so either.

How Can You Tell If A Product Is Cruelty Free?

Cruelty-Free-Leaping-BunnyThe easiest method of finding out if a product is cruelty free is to check the packaging/container that the product comes in. If you see this cute little pink bunny then the product hasn’t been tested on animals (which I can’t understand why any companies test on animals in the first place). If by any chance you don’t see the little pink icon but you are almost certain that this brand doesn’t test on animals there is one more step you can take. Heading over to the brand’s site, usually some where in the FAQ section or About us section you will see them state that they are a cruelty free company. Sometimes packaging isn’t updated but the brand in deed is cruelty free.

7 Cruelty Free Natural Hair Brands

1. Shea Moisture


2. Obia Natural


3. Camille Rose Naturals


4. Giovanni


5. Carol’s Daughter


6. Aubrey Organics


7. Kinky Curly


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