A few weeks ago I discovered the Max Hydration method which boasts of giving women with 4c hair texture they ultimate moisture retention routine to provide them with an amazing wash and go. (something I have failed to achieve in my whole 2.5 years of being natural). I looked into the Max Hydration method and slowly but surely backed out of it (at least for now) because it was just too time consuming for my lifestyle. However this isn’t the first time these moisture routines and methods have been brought into the mix. The curly girl method has been around for quite sometime and many naturals live by the curly girl method code created by Lorraine Massey in the Curly Girl handbook.

I am an avid follower of an altered curly girl method (guess that means I’m not really an avid follower) and have been somewhat pleased with the results. Though I can’t say that I’ve ever felt that my hair was super over the top moisturized (it could be cause of my altered and edited methods: i.e. sometimes I use shampoo which is slightly frowned upon in the CG method). The Curly Girl method doesn’t really take too much of my time or change up too much of my routine as it just fits directly in. However the Max Hydration Method seems like it would take a big chunk out of my time and would take some severe getting used to. Especially because I don’t possess all of the ingredients to begin the “right way”

Both methods however have been praised for bringing the definition back into curls that were once thought of as imaginary. So someone has got to be doing something right that I am just missing? How do both of these methods compare? Take a look below:

Basics of CG Method: Shakira outlines the method in her video break down here, and she is a strict follower of the CG method. The basics to adopting the method are as follows:
– No Heat, combs, or use of shampoo
– Conditioners must be free of: silicones, petroleum products, or sulfates
– Leave ins and gels must be free of: sulfates, silicones, alcohols, petroleum, mineral oil or anything that derives from mineral oil

Basics of Max Hydration Method:
– Avoid products with sulfates, petroleum, silicones and drying alcohols. (very similar to the CG Method)
However you also are not advised to use products with emulsified oils, aloe vera gel/juice and glycerine
The last part that differs from the CG method are a bit difficult for me to get rid of as I love love love aloe very gel/juice and my hair doesn’t have issues with glycerine causing dryness.

Both methods have had great success in the natural hair community especially if you just look up the hashtags on social media. You’ll see loads of curly haired women with all textures showing off how they improved their hair by sticking to the restraints of their method of choice. It seems that both methods promote moisture as a key element in curl definition. With both boasting great results and curl definition I think what it comes down to is what works best for you and your hair. It seems as though both methods require some sort of lifestyle change if you do not follow either currently. Or maybe the key is to focus on moisture and have curl definition as an after thought.

Sound off and let us know! Have you had any success with either method. Share your before an after shots with us!

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  1. I found the curly girl method recipes to be fabulous for my 4b/c hair. I found this book on amazon. For those who are interested it available on amazon.