Earlier this month we covered the story of the CWK Plates quite possibly calling it quits due to several legal issues with patents on their revolutionary natural hair invention that was met with great excitement and support. There was alot of speculation and backlash occurring during in the natural hair community because of a lack of initial communication regarding what was causing a halt in production with over 500 financial backers.

The owner Kelechi has decided to speak to her supporters in several facets to explain what has been occurring on the back end of the CWK Plates brand. Earlier this week we were contacted by their social media Instagram platform with the following comments:

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.55.07 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.55.16 PM

To continue her damage control Kelechie has also agreed to have an interview with Natural Hair Rules writer Tamera, who is collecting questions to ask during the interview. Natural Hair Rules released this statement

Taking the advice of the CWK Girls attorney, Kelechi temporarily halted the production the Straight Plates and has decided to fully refund all 529 backers. Ultimately, our team did not believe that it was fair for our backers to wait an uncertain amount of time while the issue is being sorted. To add to the matter, our attorney also initially advised Kelechi not to conduct any interviews due the sensitive nature of the claim. This silence caused some backlash from the natural hair bloggers and forums. All of the reports that have been published are untrue and based solely on speculation. Kelechi and the CWK Girls team has been working day and night to remain in good standing with our investors and protect the CWK Girls brand. Over two hundred refunds have been initiated.

We are glad to see Kelechi stepping out and standing up for her brand, especially because so many naturals are still excited about the prospects of this product. We will keep you updated on the play by play as CWK makes it available!