We know as naturalistas it can be extremely difficult dating with natural hair especially if it is a newly found love, or even worse a FIRST DATE! Ahhh the anxiety an tension that can occur when things start to heat up can be extremely nerve wrecking? So here’s a comical… yet totally possible spoof on how we felt/ dealt and coped with having natural hair while dating! We hope you enjoy.

Dating With Natural Hair: What Could Go Wrong


Directed/ produced and starring: Nicky Charles of Wavez Club. To see more of his videos or subscribe to his channel head on over to: Wavez Club


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6 Responses to Dating With Natural Hair: What Could Go Wrong?

  1. This video is so funny! Wigs and weaves can freaks me guys out but sometimes they just have to deal with our protective styles. :-p

  2. Hilarious! Let’s not forget about the shrinkage, so if a guy dates a natural girl… Do not take her on a date when it’s raining or humid outside…big no no. Lmao awesome nick!