It has been quite some time since we sat down and talked natural hair and I sincerely apologize about that. But the summer is on the horizon and I couldn’t leave you without an easy process to easily moisturize dry natural hair from start to finish.

I’ve been natural for five years (yeah… I can’t believe it either) and though I’m no natural hair master and certainly not a natural hair guru I know a thing a two about the ins and outs of natural hair. What I know the most is that I absolutely despise any tortured long drawn out natural hair regimen. Been there, done that, wrote a blog about it. Now that I have entered a much more consistent and relaxed routine (no pun intended) I had to share it with you.


Best L.O.C Method Products For Natural Hair
The L.O.C. Method Made Easy

I have low porosity, fine, type 4 hair. Whew what a mouthful, but all of that matters when it comes to the natural steps/routine I use. This routine, though simple, is quite effective in not only easily moisturizing my dry natural hair, it keeps the moisture locked in. That’s the thing with low porosity hair, it is more difficult to moisturize and even more difficult to keep it moisturized. That means I’m usually moisturizing every other day, but with this routine it doesn’t take me much longer than 10 minutes. And since that is all I can usually spare in the morning or evening, I count that as a blessing.

easily moisturize dry natural hair

How To Easily Moisturize Dry Natural Hair From Start To Finish

1. Choose a functional moisturizer: This isn’t a product review post, so I’m not going to recommend you any one specific holy grail product. Instead you have to choose the most functional hair moisturizer for your hair type and needs. Whatever you choose as your base moisturizer, it is best practice to ensure that it is water based. This means that water is listed as its first ingredient on the label. I tend to use a creamy leave in for the (L) part of my LOC method. This way I can evenly spread the leave in moisturizer evenly and focus on my ends which are usually the driest. If I am starting on dry hair, and not on your wash day, I’ll spritz my hair with water first and then

Dry hair, especially dry ends will ruin the style you are going for so focus on the areas that need the most TLC. Once I’ve finished applying my creamy moisturizer, I will add my styling product and seal with a light oil. The final act of moisturizing is my spray on leave in as the finale. However, some naturalistas swear by using their spray leave on first. Again… whatever works best for you is what you want to try and stick with for a while. Consistency is key with this easy moisturizing routine. That’s what makes it so easy… you can do it over and over again consistently.

2. Seal In Moisture: Because I have fine low porosity hair, it is very difficult to moisturize my hair and keep the moisture trapped in. Besides that, using heavy butters or oils weighs down my hair and makes my styles look terrible. Plus I’ll have a coat of heavy residue on my hair for days. Instead I use lighter sealing oils like almond oil or jojoba that can also double as my scalp moisturizer as well. I gently rub the oil on the ends either before or after I twist my hair.

My hair usually doesn’t require me to lightly oil my fingers to take down my style because for the most part my sealing oil will still be present on my ends when I’m taking down my hair. (yeah… my hair stops absorbing product very quickly). To help with the absorption for low porosity hair you can add heat by steaming (to help open up the cuticle of the hair a little more) or sitting under a hooded dryer. Some times I use my Q-Redew after I have styled my hair (only on wash days or refreshing days) to help the moisture into my hair instead of it sitting on the surface. This is only a step I take if I have the time to do so.

3. Repeat: Like I said at the beginning this was going to be an easy moisturizing process and consistency would be your best bet. I repeat these steps and re moisturize my hair usually every 2-3 days. I wish my hair was the type to stay moisturized for a week with only a light spritzing here and there. The truth fo the matter is, it is not. After about 3-4 days my hair will feel really dry and brittle if I don’t repeat my two steps. I tend to wash my hair every week (sometimes every other week depending on my life schedule) and in between I will remoisturize 2-3 times. This only requires ten minutes of my time usually before or after a shower and right before bed.

This method is what has been working for me to achieve the best healthy growth and retention. That is what it is all about for me. Yes length is great but only if it is healthy length I can retain. And nothing snaps/ breaks off worse than dry natural hair! What moisturizing tips have you used that have made all the difference in your hair care regimen?



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