While we gear up for our huge protective styling challenge in the winter we can’t help but notice how big Crochet braids were this summer… they were just about everywhere we turned. But it definitely looks like crochet braids are going to be taking a back seat this fall to the new rising protective styling trend: faux locs. And with this trend moving into celebrity territory with the likes of  Jhene Aiko and Ciara rocking them proudly we are going to see a huge boost in faux loc appearances all over the natural hair community.

So what are they exactly: Faux locs are simply temporary loc extensions (though I have heard of some people using loc extensions as a cheat while growing their own locs). They have gained popularity in the natural hair community with tutorials flooding Youtube (can’t be surprised because faux locs cost a pretty penny to have professionally installed) the simple steps and awesome end result are hard to deny. They are a fairly low maintenance protective style comparable to box braids and marley twists. The best part of faux locs is there is no commitment factor for those that want the loc look but dont want to take the time to grow them naturally only to change your mind half way down the line. They also serve as a deciding factor for people considering growing locs but arent certain how they would look once they are in full swing.

How’s it done: Well besides looking it up on Youtube (you can be sure I’ll be trying to tackle these some time in the near future myself as well and will absolutely record it for you) its a two step process which means this protective style basically takes twice the amount of time to get done. Which is scary since it took me 8 hours to complete my own set of box braids. I’d assume I’d have to do this during a vacation period… and over the course of a few days. You must first twist or braid your hair and then wrap it with your hair of choice. The most realistic look I’ve seen has been done with marley hair but others have used braiding hair or yarn (my least favorite).

So with approximately 7+ hours needed for this protective style you come out with an awesome ode to Bob Marley I think. These are some of the best faux locs I’ve seen.

What do you think of faux locs? Worth the time and effort?

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