I got my hair cut for the first time professionally by Vincenzo in La Moda Hair Salon out east in Long Island about two weeks ago. It was quite an experience and I learned a lot about my hair that I didn’t expect to find out. So let me start from the beginning.

Why Was It Time For A  Haircut: I was getting a bit bored with my hair and extremely frustrated and annoyed with the breakage/shedding for no reason. I couldn’t figure it out so I knew I needed a drastic change and fast.

Why Did I Decide To See A Professional: I went natural back in 2012 and was going to the Dominicans religiously for a wash and set prior to that. My last major haircut be fore my transition into natural was back in 2010 where I got an asymmetric bob. Since then I haven’t allowed a professional to put their hands on my head and it was easy to see that was a huge mistake. I felt only a professional could really tell me what was happening with my hair and help revive it the right way.

IMG_2733Why VincenzoI decided to go out East to Vincenzo because of how many naturals he has taken to the next level with ease. After a quick visit to Vincenzo naturalistas like NaturalSilverSister, Beauty By Lee, Curls and Couture and more have come out looking phenomenal. He is not only just a professional but a professional who has a love for happy healthy natural hair. Plus his honesty helps not only set you straight but it helps put you at ease that you are truly in good hands.

IMG_2711The Process: Vincenzo had a lot of saving to do since I was IMG_2744dealing with some serious protein overload issues that left my hair dry, brittle, damaged and lifeless! I had tons of split ends that needed handling and the shape of my hair was pretty much non existent. Vincenzo took one look and decided that I should go for a tapered cut that would address the problems of my the uneven hair on my head and trim off all of the dead damaged hair in the back. Giving me a fresh new start without a harsh “big chop” reality. He left the top of my head pretty much untouched, only taking off the split ends so that I would be left with a healthy head of hair.

The Look: Overall I have a fierce shape that I’m learning how to “work” My biggest issue/struggles are what to do with the sides and how to properly moisturize/define them. I am dealing with protein overlaod and the sides and back of hair seem to have paid the biggest price. I have to admit that while I’m detoxing from protein use in my hair regimen I have started to see a change in how my hair looks and feels in general. The sides seem to be coming around (getting softer and holding some sort of shape/curl).

IMG_0332 IMG_0463   IMG_0337      IMG_2757 FullSizeRender-2

My final thoughts: I enjoyed my visit to La Moda hair salon and I’m getting great responses from people about the haircut in general. It is taking me a bit of time to get used to (not the look) but what exactly to do and use to capitalized  on having short hair. I think within a few weeks I’ll be able to grab a stable style and look for this hair cut as well as start taking bomb selfies from all angles.

What are your thoughts on tapered cuts? Would you ever get one? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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