I am a self proclaimed product junkie who has checked herself into rehab. And in doing so I’ve had to make a few changes to my natural hair regimen and journey that would benefit myself and my hair. With the steps I’ve detailed about how to recover from being a product junkie , it’s time to take it one step further and discuss when is it time to get rid of your natural hair products.

5 Signs It’s Time To Get Rid Of Your Natural Hair Products

1. Hasn’t Been Used In A Long Time: If you notice you’ve had a product for more than three months, and you haven’t really used it in quite some time, it may be time to think about letting it go. I give my products three months (¼ of the year) time to get at last half way through the product. If I haven’t done so I start moving it into “Narnia”. Narnia in my house is usually at the back of a closet, under the sink, or another place out of reach/site. Therefore it almost never comes back at that point into use in my natural hair regimen.

2.  Hasn’t Been Used Ever: How many times have we purchased a new natural hair product that has been raved about by bloggers/vloggers and just placed it into our bathrooms in hopes of using it soon. Or attending a natural hair event and receiving some amazing sample and full size products, without certainty of why/how/ or when you are going to use this new product. As I was checking myself into product junkie rehab I made a promise to use the products I already had in use in order to finish and free up space. What often time occurred was I was so in love with the current products I was using, I re-upped on the same products and never gave the others a chance. Therefore they remained on shelves on unused for months on end collecting dust. That is another clear sign to look out for. If your products are sitting there unopened collecting dust, giving them away to a newly natural or transitioner may be more productive than keeping them.

3. You’ve Had It Too Long: Hair products do have expiration dates, just like many other things. Especially the truly natural hair products made with no preservatives and organic/natural ingredients. Those products have shorter shelf lives than the products with the preservatives (that aren’t always so great for your hair) Even the products with preservatives do not have a shelf life of forever. Using products that have expired is not go practice for a successful healthy natural hair regimen. Your products should be in top top shape to do what they claim to do. If your hair has stopped responding the way it used to, it may be  because your hair product has passed it’s time. Before that happens it is best to either try to use up the product or get rid of it before hand. Most certainly if you find that your natural hair products have expired, it is best to THROW it out! Do not give it to any one and do not try to get one or two more uses out of it, toss it and move onto an unexpired product you have in your stash.

4. Doesn’t Work For You: At the beginning of my natural hair journey while I was transitioning I was on Youtube daily trying to find my next holy grail product to make my hair look like the hair guru in the video. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried products that received so many great reviews and they just fell flat for me. During my whole transition process the pink line of Shea Moisture products that naturals love love love,  just didn’t work for me. So I was left with large amounts of Shea Moisture product sitting in my bathroom that left my head feeling and looking a hot mess. If a product just doesn’t work for you after 2-3 attempts of use, it is time to hand it off to someone else who may have a better time with it.

5. Out of Space: I can’t even begin to explain the storage issues I am having with the amount of natural hair products I have piling up in my closet, my desk, my drawers, my bathroom…etc. Every corner of my house has something to do with storing natural hair products… which is why I need to scale back my product junkie obsession. Naturalistas (including myself) have big issues with letting go out of fear that we may need it or want to use it at a future unknown date. For the three years that I have been natural that has just unfortunately not been the case. If every corner of your house is filled to capacity you may not only product junkie problem you could potentially be driving your family crazy (as I know I am) I think in 2015 I will learn that it is okay to let natural hair products go find a new better home where they will get better use.  That leads me to bring you lovely/lucky ladies to the jackpot. I am taking my own advice and getting rid of some of my stash. Below are four different deals with different products that I have acquired and haven’t used or barely used in the past three months. This means… I have to take my advice and truly let these products go to bigger and better places for better use. If you are interested in any of the following products please send us an email at trialsntresses@gmail.com so that we may send you an invoice and get these products to you ASAP!

1. Deluxe Sample Box (9 brands)- $15.00 + 6.00 S/H

natural hair products

Deluxe sample box consists of deluxe samples all unused from 9 different brands including:

Curl Luxe- Jojoba Mint, Sweet Almond, Hair Balm, Cashmere Curl Parfait

Dove Advanced Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Giovanni Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

Body Bar Soap

Paul Mitchell curls

Oyin Handmade burnt sugar

Natural Choice Too Chic To Reek Deodorant Cream

ILY hair & skin moisturizer

Lilynays skin moisturizer

2. Super Sample Box (+30 brands)- $10.00 + 6.00 S/H

natural hair products

Super sample box consists of sample hair & skin care products from 30+ different brands (all unused/ unopened)

3. Full Size Products (4 different brands)- $15.00 + 6.00 S/H

natural hair products

Cantu Shea Butter Conditioning Co Wash (Used once 3/4 of the product remains)

TreLuxe Curl Supreme (used once most of the product remains)

CarmaCare Dream Curls Gel (used once most of the product remains)

QP Elasta Mango Butter Leave In Conditioner (gently used 3/4 of the product remains)

4. Full Size Products 2.0 (5 different brands)- $20.00 + 6.00 S/H

natural hair productsCarma Care Hair Souffle (Unused)

Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Mousse (unused)

TreLuxe Reflex Serum (gently used most of the product remains)

Dr. Miracle Curl Care Curl Friendly Blowout Foam (unused)

Hi Pro Pac Keratin Replenishing Masque (gently used 3/4 of the product remains)

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