I haven’t had any major issues with preserving the thickness and life of my edges, but last year I experienced some pretty bad breakage at the nape of my head. Since both these areas are pretty much one in the same in terms of maintenance and care I needed to treat it as such. I still am bewildered at what caused the breakage to occur only on the left side of my head, but I will say changing up how I treated both areas has greatly help them flourish. Now a whole year later my nape hair is doing well, and growing rapidly/playing catch up with the rest of my head. This proves that nape hair (your kitchen) doesn’t have to be raggedy or short, it can grow just as beautifully and just as long as the rest of the hair on your head and heres how!

4 Easy Steps To Grow Your Nape Hair & Edges

1. Cleanse & condition the scalp & hair in the nape & perimeter area: Because the nape and perimeter of your head are often forgotten you could be neglecting to properly cleanse and condition these areas of your hair. By regularly cleansing and conditioning (gently of course) you will make sure that these areas are receiving the same amount of love and attention as the rest of your hair. This also means applying ample deep conditioner to these areas as well.

2. Moisturize Daily: Moisturize & seal in that moisture using the LOC method  as frequently as possible (daily if possible) on your nape & edge area. Using oils like coconut oil and castor oil may work best in sealing in your moisture. Steaming these areas 2-3xs a week with your favorite leave in conditioner will also help in adding moisture to these areas to promote healthy growth and less breakage.

3. Little to no tension: Low manipulation hair styles with little to no tension are best in promoting hair growth in your nape and edge area. These areas are sensitive and with too much pulling and styling can suffer severe damage due to tension. Another great thing to remember is even though you are protective styling the rest of your hair, skipping or avoiding adding tension/protective styles to your nape and edge area may be best in preventing damage. Instead of braiding, twisting,pulling…etc you can simple braid the nape hair horizontally and leave it be while the rest of your hair is protective styled.

4. Cover/ Protect: You must cover/protect your edges/ nape of your head especially at night. You need to either use a satin/silk pillow case/ bonnet or a headscarf. You also want to make sure the nape of your hair doesn’t rub on your clothes, which can be tough during the winter months with all of the wool hoods, hats, and scarves.

In completing all four these steps you will see growth/regrowth and your nape hair and edges will reach new heights. Hope these tips have helped. Anyone use any other forms of protection to grow their nape hair? If so share your thoughts/answers below!

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3 Responses to 4 Easy Steps To Grow Your Nape Hair & Edges

  1. question – do you think the horizental braid will be pulling too? would loose twists and pinning with a bobby pin for the week be easy on the edges? I am trying to find a style to work with while i take care of them…any help specifically on styles while leaving the edges to grow back would be helpful.

  2. Hair broke very badly once . I got my beautician to weave in some hair matching my own to cover the nape four month. later it had grew back even thicker.