We told you everything about why your twist out is wrong… which means it is only right that we share how to get it right. Here is an easy 10 step guide to get the perfect twist out. And don’t worry for my visual learners I included a free printable for you to grab & go. Put it on your phone and keep it handy the next time you want to tackle the twist out style!

10 Step Guide To Get The Perfect Twist Out

1. Trim your ends if necessary! The perfect twist out can only achieved with healthy ends. Damaged or thin ends are going to ruin the look you are going for and will cause a bit of straggly/straight looking messiness when you take them down. If you absolutely don’t want to or can’t trim your ends you are going to need to throw some perm rods on the end to help mask the damage for a little while (this won’t always work though… the sooner your trim the better)

2. Part your hair in four sections and go through your normal wash day process (pre-poo, shampoo/co-wash, and condition).

guide to get the perfect twist out3. Thoroughly detangle your hair while in those four sections. Having your hair in sections will make the detangling process much easier and it will help you during your twisting process as well. Make sure to use a product with great slip while detangling to help glide your detangling tool through (whether it is your fingers, a wide tooth comb, or a denman brush)

4. Grab your favorite styling product (setting lotion, hair butters, soufflés, gels…etc whatever floats your boat!) and apply to the first section you are going to be working with.



guide to get the perfect twist out5. Grab a section of the section you are working with. The size of the section you take depends on how big or small you want your twists to be. I prefer medium size twists that give me some type of definition without taking forever to dry or to twist my hair. So I recommend medium size sections for medium size twists. Twist the medium section of hair taughtly (applying some pressure but not pulling/or twisting too tightly). Twist all the way to the end (you can add a perm rod here if you are transitioning or if you want some extra curl during your take down process).

6. Give your hair the appropriate time to dry. I air dry my hair and I usually leave the twists in for over 12hours. However that may change depending on how big the twists are and how much product you’ve used. The more product you use or the bigger your twists the longer they take to dry. Over night is your best bet in measuring the time needed to dry your hair.

7. When taking down the twists coat your fingers in an oil of your choice. I choose argan oil most of the time because it is light and adds an extra bit of shine to the hair during the take down process. To take down the twists gently unravel/untwist them in the opposite direction that they were twisted in.

8. Go in-between each twist to separate gently. By pulling the twist slightly you will be able to see where the hair wants to separate naturally. Its best to separate the hair at that spot to prevent frizziness or losing definition.

9. Take a pic or rat tail comb to fluff out only the roots of your hair. Do this process gently only to cover up any parting that may be showing. The more you fluff or separate the less definition you will have and the harder it will be to maintain this style for more than a day or two.

10. You can accessorize or leave the twist out as is. For bed time maintenance you are going to want to either pineapple the hair up and put on a hair scarf or head tie. You can also retwist the hair using the same method in the steps listed above if you are going for the same level of definition tomorrow. Becareful with the amount of product you place in your hair as you dont want your hair to be weighed down or possess a greasy film when you touch it.

guide to get a perfect twist out



Thats that! 10 easy steps to achieving your perfect twist out! Click here to download your free printable to keep with you on the go! You can always share your tips or results with us by using the hashtag #trialsntresses on all social media platforms!

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