In this day and age of social media hair challenges pop up everywhere, and it can be hard to decide which is really worth your time. So we’ve set aside some time to let you know the hair challenges you should join in 2016 and why. There are three main things you should be focusing on in your natural hair care regimen and in joining these 3 hair challenges in this upcoming year you’ll be setting your hair up for optimum growth and health.

3 Hair Challenges You Should Join In 2016

Castor Oil Challenge: Any challenge that is promoting healthy scalp practices is a great challenge to join. Castor oil has many benefits to the health of your hair and I’m partial to scalp massages being a part of your healthy hair care regimen. If you haven’t tried Castor oil you should see the benefits that you’re missing out on here! Some people may not be too keen on using castor oil, there are 10 other herbs and oils you can use to promote hair growth listed here for your viewing pleasure.

No Heat Challenge: Heat can be very detrimental to the health of your hair and the retention of length. Excessive use of heat strips the hair and can cause split ends, damage, shedding, and breakage. By going on a break from heat you give your hair a much needed break, and your hair will retain further length. There are many ways to achieve styles/looks that appear to be stretched or blown out with out using heat. Here are 6 Ways To Stretch/ Straighten Your Natural Hair With Out Heat. And if that wasn’t enough I’ve got 5 more heatless ways to stretch your natural hair here! 

Hair Growth/ Length Retention Challenge: A challenge that focusses on proper hair care, healthy hair care regimens and length retention is a great way to go. Many challenges focus on growing hair quickly and as rapidly as possible while neglecting that length retention is the key to achieving your hair goals! We’ve got your length retention in the bag!! Join in on our “Retain Your Mane” Challenge that starts January 1st for the next 60 days! This challenge will have monthly check ins/updates, hair regimen options, protective styling options, prizes/giveaways and more!


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