IMG_0928When/Why did you decide to go natural?
Melissa: I decided to go natural my junior year in college after my stylist told me she can still get my hair straight without a relaxer.

post_melissa1_101914_07How long have you been natural & is it what you expected?
Melissa: 6 years! Yes, I love it! My family didn’t get it at first, but after they saw how much I loved and embraced it they decided to as well.

post_melissa1_090114_06What stage are you at in your natural hair journey & how did you transition?
Melissa OMG, I’ve cut my hair so much I don’t even know what stage I would call this. I love trying different styles, I get bored easily. Curly kinky I would say. I’m not really into the whole numbering system. I have my moms hair in certain areas and dad’s hair in others. I big chopped after a year of wearing styles to manipulate.

post_melissa2_101914_01What are some struggles your natural hair presented for you ?

Melissa After college I had a few struggles with working in “Corporate America” and how they thought I should look.

post_melissa3_101914_05Did you ever feel like you had to compensate for being natural?

Melissa No, never! I feel my natural hair helped my style, I’m more free and funky now when it comes to how I dress.

post_melissa3_101914_06What are some words of wisdom/advice/ or inspiration you have for any one that may be considering following in your foot steps in to the natural world?
MelissaBE YOU!

Where can you be found via social media?
IG: melissachanel
Twitter: @melissachanel2
Blog: MelisaChanel
Facebook: MelissaChanel