Jamaican Black Castor Oil seems to be a household name in the natural hair regimen and routine but what is it really and how does it compare/add up to just plain old Castor oil. Let’s get down to the basics so we can understand the specifics.

Castor Oil: Regular castor oil that can be bought in many stores and is more readily available then its counter part. Castor oil is a pale yellow color. I find that it is also a bit cheaper in price than Jamaican Black Castor oil especially when you buy it in the cold pressed form. Cold pressed castor oil is the oil in its best form as it is not altered by heat or other substances. Instead it is just pressed (exactly what the name sounds like) until the oil comes out of the nut. If  you want to make the purest purchase you would need to search and find castor oil in its clearest or lightest form. This is the purest form of the oil that has been filtered to remove the iodine content that gives the oil the yellow tint when it goes through the cold press process.

tropic_isle_living_jamaican_black_castor_oil_8_oz_1Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO): JBCO is a part of my hair regimen at several different points for different things from pre-poo, deep conditioning, to rubbing it on my scalp and temple. I find that JBCO is slightly more expensive then regular castor oil and it can only be found online or in beauty supply stores. I have managed to find regular castor oil in many drug stores though I haven’t added it to my hair regimen of as of yet. Just like many other misinformed people like myself I thought Jamaican Black Castor Oil was the purest form of the oil, only to find out that I was completely wrong. JBCO gets its black color from the ash after the nut has been roasted. The ash is then added into the oil that has been pressed out which causes it to have the darker black tint as well as a smoked roasted scent. (Though I don’t really smell that it has been said by man that this is why they  avoid using it because of the scent that lingers behind)



Though there have been no real scientifically proven facts there have been many naturalistas who swear by JBCO for helping to thicken their hair and help with hair growth especially around the nape, and temple. Why? Well the theory is the ash that is added to the oil that provides the black color is what helps with the thickening and hair regrowth. The darker or blacker the oil the better it is said to be? With that being said castor oil can also be used for conditioning and hair growth.

Since I haven’t used regular castor oil in my natural hair regimen I can’t compare them both, but with the “science” of it all laid out in front of you what do you think naturalistas? Does the fact that that the JBCO is actually the less natural/pure form of the oil change the way you view its use or purpose? Are you willing to give regular castor oil a try? Could regular castor oil get the job done? Have you had positive or negative experiences with either or? Share your experiences with us below!

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12 Responses to Castor Oil Vs. Jamaican Black Castor Oil (#JBCO): Whats The Difference?

  1. I’ve been using regular castor oil for about 4 months. I just started to transition from relaxed hair to natural after noticing 2 bald spots. My hair is starting to grow in with my castor oil regime.

  2. When I was super consistent with regular castor oil I definitely saw a change. I’ve been using the Jamaican but honestly I’m considering going back to the reg one.

  3. I have tried both, the Jamaican Black Castor oil and cold press castor oil, and the cold press castor oil has made my temple/edges grow more than the Jamaican Black Castor oils. If I had to choose it would the the regular castor oil.

  4. I have found the Black Castro Oil to be very good. It doesn’t smell great but with the leave in conditioner or the Black Castro Oil rinse out it great.

  5. Hi I hope all is well. Yes, child before jbco even came out black folks would use regular caster oil which promoted a lot of growth and retention. Ask anyone 40+ yes I know I sound like an old lady lol but don’t let me fool ya ?? black ppl were using caster oil back in the 60s and probably before then. I never experienced it personally being young and dumb not having the patience but my mom and a lot older ppl sworn by it for years. Never underestimate the power of plain caster oil.

  6. I’m glad I found your article. I’ve been trying to research Jamaican black castor oil because I don’t really understand why it makes my hair brittle and it breaks really easy. I actually get great results using the white castor oil which makes my hair feel healthy and properly moisturize and seals in my moisture. Someone at one point told me to use the unsalted but that’s all I’ve ever bought the unsalted Jamaican black castor oil and no matter what I did, it left my hair brittle and cause breakage

    • Even though JBCO is the newest craze, it is actually more processed. Therefore, I wonder if it is NOT the BEST choice. The yellow has even more proven benefits than black and scientifically the black is not proven better. Actually the least processed is the cold pressed castor oil (yellow). So it would have the most benefits.

  7. The black Jamaican castrol. Leaves a greenish tent on my white hair. But the plain costrol doesn’t.Do u know why. Please comment