FTC: This box was sent to me for review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

My June Fitsnack review is a bit late but better late than never! This Fitsnack box came with a wide array of snacks from beverages, chips and everything in between. As a vegan I have to be a bit more careful than before when snacking on this box as it is not necessarily a vegan box. Most of the snacks are vegan friendly and I have been very fortunate to still be able to eat most of the snacks. So let us look into what my June Fitsnack box came with and how much of it I was able to actually eat.


June Fitsnack Subscription Box Review

Grateful Tea “Green Hemp Tea”


Raw Evolution “Raw Rev 100”- Spirulina Dream/ Chocolate Coconut Bliss


RW Garcia “3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers”- Flaxseed, Sesame & Chia


100% Veggies: “Crunch Dried Snacks/Fruit”- Roasted Edamame/ Apple Harvest


Monkfruit Sweetner


Fruit Chia “Strawberry Blast”  IMG_0021

Protein Puffs “Veggie Pizza”


Overview: This Fitsnack box came with 8 snacks in it, so the box was incredibly filled to the brim. Out of these 8 snacks there were 5 full sized snacks so to speak. The remaining snacks (besides the sweetners) were deluxe size samples that could be used/eaten more than once. Out of the 8 snacks I dabbled in only three that I felt were truly 100% vegan friendly. Fitsnack usually does a much better job at including more snacks that are vegan friendly, this box didn’t seem to be one of them. However I do not fault them for that as they are not a snack box catered to Vegans.  The variety in the box this month was respectable, and even though this box was not one of my favorites it certainly was worth more than the 15.00 a month charge. If you are looking into a healthier snacking option I suggest going with Fitsnack and getting a free gym back to take with you on your summertime workouts! You can sign up for your Fastback subscription here!