natural hair extensions on amazon

FTC: This post is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links. My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I know when you think of buying natural hair extensions, Amazon may not be your first thought. However Amazon has come in quite handy, especially when my impetuous self decides on a new protective style last minute and need that Prime delivery. Amazon has gotten much better with selling natural hair extensions from brands that aren’t scammy like on Ali Express. You do run into a few sellers operating with false pictures (I saw one with Alyssa Forever’s picture as their selling point), but they offer tons of options from reputable sellers, and brand we are all familiar with from our local beauty supply stores.

The following natural hair extensions on Amazon are extensions/ wigs that I have actually used/ ordered from Amazon and had positive experiences with.

Best Natural Hair Extensions On Amazon

1. Outre Neesha: I have this wig in both a 1b and 4. This was one of the hardest wigs to find back in the beginning of the year, but now it is a little more accessible. It is quite the wig and will make you feel flawless and fabulous!


2. BeShe Deep “J” Part Lace Wig: I bought this wig at my local beauty supply store for 50.00 in a 1B. I didn’t like the twist out look so I combed it out and turned it into a big beautiful blowout fro. best natural hair extensions on Amazon

3. Janet Collection Havana Mambo TwistThis is the hair that co-owner Shakira wore for most of the summer in purple. It brought us tons of attention in Europe and got rave reviews at the Formation event. It looks great twisted and even better when untwisted. It is a protective style that gives you two different looks in one style.

natural hair extensions on amazon

4. The Wig LH AFro Kinky: This wig is my new absolute favorite protective style. I have it in a 1B and a 2. This wig also costs about 50.00 dollars from Amazon and your local beauty supply stores.

 5. Xpression Cuevana BounceThis hair is absolutely gorgeous and is best for crochet braids. You’ll need about 5 packs to make it nice and big and amazing, but it is worth it.


Which hair extension is your favorite and will be a part of your next protective style? Share your thoughts and answers below!