Halloween is just a few days away and although it is on a week day it doesn’t mean you can’t still slay. Halloween has always been one my favorite holidays that I hardly ever celebrate. Why? Well when it falls on a week day like it does this year, I usually have to work the day before, the day of, and the day after. That usually deters me from doing anything fun because… adulating thats why.

One of my fave Halloweens as an adult was when I attended the New York City Halloween parade two years ago. I swore that I would return and take part in the actual festivities. (All you need is a costume to walk in the parade). Fast forward two years later and I haven’t made good on my promise.

I will be dressing up this year (make sure you’re following us on IG to see my costume) but it won’t be anything too crazy. I only decided to dress up this year to take part in the festivities at my school.

What I really love about Halloween is the creativity that is sparked not only with just the costume but with hair and makeup. And no one slays better than a naturalista decked out for Halloween. Our hair is not a part of the show… it is the show. It is not an accessory it is the main attraction. Don’t agree? Take a look below at the Best Halloween Natural hair looks you can rock this Halloween.

Best Halloween Natural Hair Looks To Rock

1. Poetic Justice

2. Lioness

3. Felisha From Friday

4. Crazy Eyes

5. Janelle Monae

6. Jodie From Daria 

7. Dionne From Clueless

8. Hilary Banks

9. Scary Spice

10. Michonne

Halloween Natural Hair

Which halloween look are you rocking this year and will your tresses be a the forefront of your look? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.