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You’ve heard it time and time again… you need to take care of your hair underneath your protective style. Protective styling is an amazing way to grow out your natural hair with the least amount of damage. It also helps greatly with retaining length… however with that comes great responsibility. Many times women will protective style and think that is that… just throw on a wig or weave and go about their day… WRONG! You must take care of your natural hair while protective styling. PERIOD.

If not you are completely wasting your time. I have pretty much been relying on wigs for the last six months. I got a new job in a new school and had absolutely no time in the morning to do my hair and make it to the train on time. And waking up earlier… was an absolute HELL NO! So I started wearing more wigs because they got me out of the door faster. Plus I really love changing my look so that was a definite plus. Anything from short, curly, long, straight… didn’t matter!


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Because I need to take my own advice, I decided to share the most important part of my wig journey with you… and that is how to take care of your natural hair while wearing wigs.

care for natural hair while wearing wigs

How To Care For Natural Hair While Wearing Wigs

1. Moisturize Your Tresses: Keeping your hair moisturized requires one key element: WATER! Adding in tons of butters and oils constantly without using water as a moisturizer is pointless. All you are doing is blocking up and weighing down your hair. Use products that have water listed as a first ingredient and are lighter in consistency. Especially because you are going to be hot under that wig and sweating don’t add in heavy products that will end up causing a smell or leave behind gross residue. 3-4 times a week use a refreshing spray (a DIY concoction or a store purchase is up to you) and spritz your hair. make sure you massage the liquid into your scalp as well.

2. Protect your edges and nape : This is crucial. I’m sure you’ve seen the horror stories of women who have lost their edges and damaged the rear nape of their hair because of constant wig or weave wearing. The point in protective styling is to pretocet your hair, not to damage it. Wigs can cause friction depending on the make up of the cap and where it is located (if it is a half wig, full lace wig…etc). What I do as an added means of protection is I rub castor oil on the wig clips, and always place my wigs just behind the hair line so they are not in constant contact with my edges.

3. Oil Your Scalp: I oil my scalp once to twice a week with a light oil to make sure my scalp isn’t dry but also isn’t weighed down or clogged. I use jojoba oil or sweet almond oil (the Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil is my favorite- use code TRESSES for a discount) the most in my regimen because they don’t leave behind any oil residue

4. Wash your Hair weekly: This step depends on how often you wash your hair. I’m a weekly wash day naturalista as of late but initially when I started wearing wigs more frequently I would wash every other week. No matter how often you wash your hair I suggest washing either once a week or every other week so that you can start off with a clean palette and remove any product build up or residue you may be having. I like to wash weekly so I can do a pre-poo, and deep condition to add moisture into my hair. I then retwist my hair and throw on a satin cap.

care for natural hair while wearing wigs

care for natural hair while wearing wigs

5. Remove the wig nightly: Just like with clip ins this protective style is easy to install and remove so pop it off at night. It is going to be extremely uncomfortable sleeping with a wig (well… for me it is anyway) and you don’t want that added friction of movement while you sleep. It is safer/better to simply remove it, place it on a wig stand and head to bed. It shouldnt take you more than 3-5 minutes to pop it back on the next day and proceed to slay.

6. Take Breaks : Since I got my hair cut but in January I’ve been taking extra good care of my hair. In doing so I also take breaks from the wigs every now and then. If I find that I’ve been wearing a wig all week, the following week I’ll make an effort to wear my hair out 1-3 times the following week. This just gives your hair some air and sunshine. Go with an easier style if you don’t have time to do your hair in the morning. Lately I’ve been playing around with puffs, buns, goddess braids, and space buns when I wear my hair out. All styles that are easy to accomplish and can be worn for a few days at a time without the need to restyle.

care for natural hair while wearing wigs

care for natural hair while wearing wigs

7. Keep Up With Trims : The reason I had to get such a huge haircut when I straightened my hair back in January (I straightened my natural hair and here’s what happened ) is because I wasn’t keeping up with my trims. The last professional trim I had prior to this past January was February 2016. So I had about a year of unhealthy ends and unhealthy hair care routines. Now that I know better (after four years of being natural… go figure) I’ve been making sure to focus on sealing my ends using the LOC method and I have my next trim scheduled for June 2017.

care for natural hair while wearing wigs

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