Naturals who are at the beginning or in the middle of their transition are often targeted in the natural hair community as “cash cows”. Why? Because so many of these miracle products are being marketed directly to transitioners to help make their transition simple/easy and turn their hair into something that it really can’t. I’m here to debunk a few myths and help you steer clear of spending a fortune during your natural hair journey from beginning to end. Whether you are in your transition phase or a full blown natural you do not need to spend a fortune. I don’t call it being cheap… I call it being a smart natural.

Product-junkie1. Avoid becoming a product junkie- This is the number one problem us naturals face at any phase of our journey. Your regimen shouldn’t include more than 5 steps, meaning you shouldn’t need more than 5 products! And some of those products can be used for more than one step, and can be found right in your kitchen! For tips on creating a simple regimen you can click right here!

2. DIY- Mixing up your own concoctions will save you a pretty penny in the long run. Mixing together oils and even half used products to form a super product is a great way to use up what you have, avoid being a product junkie, and getting more bang for your buck.





3. SALE SALE SALE- If you are really looking for a product, or you are dying to have it in your arsenal wait for sale. Many products whether you buy them online or in store go on sale during holiday times. Wait for a christmas sale, or a memorial day sale and save your self some coin.




expensive-products4. Don’t believe the hype: Just because you see a really popular product or a product that is super expensive doesn’t mean that should automatically be a product you purchase. Try getting samples from these companies first to see if your hair will respond well to the product. Spending 20+ dollars on a product that you end up only using once or twice is painful! Many companies will send out sample sizes. You can also get your hands on sample size products at natural hair events in swag bags. Twenty bucks for a ticket to an event that gives you 4-6 different sample products is much better than paying all that money for one product.

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