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Wash and Go’s … clearly a giant misnomer in the natural hair world. But despite that, this hair style is often times one of the main goals a naturalista hopes to achieve when they initially go natural. I speak for myself at least when I say that when I was transitioning many many moons ago I always thought that the wash and go would be my signature style. And then I actually became a full natural and learned very quickly that it wouldn’t be as simple as I thought.

Mastering the wash and go requires specific techniques and products that work best for your hair to deliver the desired look. The method and technique that works for one head may not work for someone else. Hair porosity, and texture also play a major part in how your wash and go will turn out. However there are some basic key steps that should be taken no matter the texture or porosity of your hair to ensure that you achieve the best wash and go possible.

How To Get Your Best Wash And Go

1. Choose The Right Products: As with everything in natural hair care choosing the right products is necessary to achieving the best results. I’ve only experienced two successful wash and gos in my entire four year naturalista career, and both those times were done by professional stylists. I have fine low porosity type four hair. That is important for me to know, because it allows me to choose the proper products to define my curls, lessen shrinkage, and keep my hair moisturized. If you are using any old product that is recommended on Youtube that could very well be your first error. Take a little bit of time to figure out your hair type, density and porosity. Then decide accordingly which products will work best for you.


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2. Layering: When doing a wash and go the layering of your products is crucial. You should start off on clean natural hair (preferably pre-poo’d and deep conditioned) and add a creamy leave in conditioner. Your leave in conditioner should be applied first to help lower/eliminate your frizz level. You then want to add your styler or gel on top of the leave in conditioner to help clump the curls together and give you those nice defined curls.

3. Technique: There are many many different techniques for getting those nice juicy wash and go curls. The method you choose should be simple yet effective. I find that because I have fine strands that using a denman brush to define my curls doesn’t work in my benefit. Not only does it cause more shrinkage, it also pulls/snaps at my hair causing more damage/breakage. The easiest/best method/technique for my hair type is the raking/shingling method. The prayer hands also do my hair some justice, but the raking method helps detangle, separate and clump the curls together with minimal shrinkage.

4. Moisturize: Your wash and go will never be BOMB without moisturizing your hair properly. Dry hair just doesn’t lend itself well to any style let alone the coveted wash and go. You don’t want to weigh down your hair with heavy products (low porosity hair especially does not do well with heavy products) but you want to make sure you are using the LOC method to add moisture into your strands and seal it in. (LOC Method Made Easy). 

You can also watch Naptural’s tutorial on achieving your most defined wash and go below!

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