keep hair moisturized in the fall

I know  I know… it seems like summer just started and already we’re talking Fall! What? But we have to unfortunately be realistic (ugh I call it adulting every single day…). We’ve got about 4 weeks left of my favorite season which gives us just enough time to appreciate our summer regimen, and start preparing to transition into a fall regimen. The great thing is a Fall regimen doesn’t take too much work, and it sets you up to be in great shape for the winter (Winter is always coming).

How To Keep Your Hair Moisturized In The Fall

Drink 2+ Liters Of Water:  Keep yourself hydrated to keep your hair moisturized. The health of your hair is crucial on the inside and out. By drinking more water your helping to ensure holistic health benefits for your overall wellbeing. If you find it is difficult to drink large amounts of water during the day, you may want to add more fruit into your diet as well as possibly infusing fruit into your water. Any way to make taking in water more fun try it out, and our hair will thank you for it.


How To Drink 3 Liters Of Water A Day With A Full Time Job

Use Products With Humectants: This tip can be transitioned directly from your summer hair care regimen. Humectants draw in moisture from the surrounding environment. This will help keep your hair moisturized or replenish any moisture you may have lost during the day. In the fall we are still dealing with many humid days for a few months. Glycerin and honey are two popular humectants you will find in great natural hair products. Once your area starts to get more cold than humid, switch out your humectants as you don’t want to have your hair sucking in dry cold frigid air.

Deep Condition: This step can be used year round! Deep conditioning is absolutely necessary for adding moisture into your hair. By deep conditioning weekly you are giving your hair the best possible chance at moisture. Your best options in deep conditioning should be a deep conditioner that helps replenish the moisture you may have lost during the day (especially if you are living in a warmer climate).


Three Deep Conditioners To Add To Your Regimen
Natural Hair Products For the Fall Season

Protective Style: The fall is when you should start experimenting with lighter/easier protective styles before the long protective style haul in the Winter months. Instead of adding in extensions, for the fall you may want to consider protective styles you can change on weekly basis. Also consider styles that give you access to your scalp so that you can keep it clean and moisturized as well for best length retention opportunities. Just make sure whatever style you choose that it hides your ends, and isn’t too tight or cause too much tension on the strands.

LOC Method: LOC Method LOC Method LOC Method! I’ve written and spoken about this method for years and if you aren’t completing this method you are putting the moisture of your hair at a serious disadvantage. The LOC method is the routine in how you layer your products. Leave In, Oil and Cream (LCO also works for some ladies) will help add moisture and seal the moisture in.


L.O.C Method Made Easy 

By following these steps your inevitable slay this Fall will be amazing! What methods will you be adopting in to your hair care regimen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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