So the last time I went to a professional to see about my hair was almost a year ago when I went to La Moda Hair salon in LI and let Vincenzo touch up my tapered cut and dye the tips of my hair. My taper grew out quickly and beautifully… but then I started taking shortcuts.

When I got a new job at a new school I stopped really taking care of my hair and started protective styling more. BAD MOVE! The whole point of a protective style is to give your hair a break, or protect it from harsh conditions/ over manipulation. I know this of course… but yet I still made the mistake of “Set it and forget it”. I wasn’t trimming my ends before or after a protective style, I wasn’t keeping my hair moisturized and I wasn’t detangling properly.

So when I decided to head to H2 Salon in Brooklyn I knew I was in for a harsh reality that I was trying to avoid. It had been four years since I put heat in my hair and four years since I wore my natural hair straight. When Char blew dry my hair I took a deep sigh and thought okay maybe it’s not that bad. When she flat ironed my hair… I saw the verdict and it really was that bad.  


My First Professional Haircut In 5 Years
Heat Trained vs. Heat Damaged Hair 

I Straightened My Natural Hair & Here’s What Happened

The thing with pictures is they can be truly deceiving. In the photo of my flat ironed hair before the cut, It doesn’t look that bad. But in real life, it was pretty dreadful. My hair showed easily observable signs of neglect. Because the strands of my hair are naturally fine, you can see every imperfection very easily. I had areas of my hair that were in good shape (the resilient areas obviously) and areas of my hair that were short. It was uneven, looked unhealthy, and when I ran my hands through my hair I could hear the snapping which is a tell tale sign of split ends being present.

Char was very supportive in providing information and where I could go to find more information about the make up of my hair and what I should be using. She was also very supportive when it came time for me to decide if I was going to be okay with cutting 2-3 inches of hair off my head. After I nodded in silence, because I knew this was all my fault, she went to work and started giving me a “trim” and styling We went with the heart shaped hair to frame my face whether I wear it straight or in its curly state.

Though I trusted Char, I’m not going to lie I watched her extremely closely to make sure she wasn’t running that flat iron over my fine hair more than once. Heat damage is not something I was prepared to deal with, especially not after a huge hair cut. I’m glad to report that I washed my hair a week after (I know I know… I tried for two but just couldn’t make it) reverted automatically once wet and there are no signs of damage.

So while I scheduled a wash and flat iron to check for length, I ended up leaving H2 salon with a lot less hair, but a greater resolve to abosolutely do it right this time. Don’t fall to laziness and put your hair at risk. I’m going to be return in 4-6 months (closer to the four side to check on the progress of my hair. Overall I love the shape, and health of my hair. The appearance is very much sleek and sexy (you can tell I was feeling myself).

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3 Responses to I Straightened My Natural Hair & Here’s What Happened

  1. Hi there. So I have been “natural” for about 2 years and my hair is in need of some dire help. I only put natural in quotations as I haven’t been truly taking care of it. I was wondering if you could suggest some salons that would be great at helping to get some serious TLC to my hair without breaking the bank. I don’t mind paying for great services but some salons in NYC have just been outrageous in prices just because they can. I don’t mind traveling anywhere in the 5 boroughs as I am ready to make a change! Thanks for your amazing article.